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In my former blog post, I wrote about the fact that Stellan Bojerud and his colleagues in the Sweden Party had to use coded messages and change places in order to mislead the groups that are pursuing members of this young party, aiming at seats in the Swedish parliament according to several public opinion polls lately.

This is not a unique situation for Stellan Bojerud just because he and his party members live in the neighbourhood of Stockholm. Here I will give you examples that many more persons have been seriously harassed and attacked because of their membership and political work in the very same party.

First, I will describe the groups of people who keep on harassing these politicians by making them victims of attempts in order to sabotage their political work. The perpetrators adhere to an organisation called AFA, which stands for Anti Fascist Action (Antifascistisk Aktion), founded in 1993. This is an extreme leftist organisation and in spite of the name, where they pretend to fight against fascism, they are a flagrant example of fascism themselves.

AFA documents and even brags about its sabotaging the election process at several places. The last weeks before the election in 2006, they systematically removed the SD’s election posters from the streets. They systematically removed the SD’s election propaganda from libraries. They even took out the party’s election of people’s mail boxes. The election candiates of the SD were sent personal threatening letters to withdraw from the elections, and some actually withdrew because they couldn’t stand the pressure. Here they have even made lists of the politicians to harass with names, adresses and social security number.

The most serious thing, i.e. a flagrant example of undermining democracy, is that they systematically removed all the voting ballots from the polling-booths, both on the day of the election and before. This last move has even caused the Danish member of the EU parliament Morten Messerschmidt to request that the EU sends election observers to Sweden during the election in September. He says:

“I do not want to discredit the general commitment to democracy in Sweden. But now the picture of Sweden’s way to handle smaller parties – and especially parties critical of the immigration policy – to become so blurry, ambiguous and surrounded by rumors that it must be in Sweden’s best interest to get the system checked by independent observers.”

More to mention and just as horrid is that stones have been thrown through windows of the SD members by AFA activists. Axes have been planted in some of the SD members’ doors. Personal threats have been spray-painted outside their houses or apartments. Last summer the party’s press officer and his partner were brutally knocked down by a group of 20 persons. During the attack the perpertrators were shouting political insults.

This and much more is posted openly and possible to read in the links on their website. No criminal investigation has been done. The police remain passive. During the SD’s open-air meetings the police don’t intervene more than necessarily. On one occasion the police didn’t even prevent bloodshed. This passiveness is also characterizing the press, that stands back with its criticism.

One daily newspaper, The Gothenburg Post (Göterborgs-Posten), has examined the violence of the extreme left, though. Out of 180 cases in western Sweden that the newspaper has examined, the police and the public prosecutor have only succeeded to bind someone to the crime on one single occasion.

Given this background, it would be very interesting to know if the Swedish elections would be accepted as democratic by independent international observers.

N.B! Extra link inserted 11 February. This is a link of a list of all the crimes and harassments committed against memebers of the Sweden Democrats in recent years. The link is only in Swedish, though.

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Freedom of speech is asserted to be a valued cornerstone in the western countries. Sweden, as well, wants to emphasize that this country is no exception. I will nevertheless show that this freedom is deeply threatened in Sweden. Here I will only mention a few examples, but there are many, many more.

The well established Swedish morning newspaper the Dagens Nyheter does not open its letters to the editor for every Tom, Dick and Harry. But for writers who propose ways of limiting democracy, there does not seem to be any obstacle to getting a text accepted, particularly if you have a title or high examination. Then you can spread your anti-democratic propaganda even without having to feel ashamed. And most people in leading positions will accept it as something completely in order!

The psychoanalyst Thomas Bohm, entangles himself in a discussion on 9 January with the title “The Sweden Democrats are an orthodox minority group”. The party (hereinafter “SD”) is accused of being “Unswedish” and intolerant. But a considerable part of the Swedish inhabitants share the party’s views, so how can they then be “Unswedish” and a minority group? So could these statements be scientific and be well founded? He continues to say: “since we don’t want to be like SD, but consider tolerance as a desirable characteristic, we can let them stay on here”.

Interesting is the way he uses the word “we”, to show that “everyone” has the same opinion as Bohm. How can he know? On the contrary, he is using wishful thinking in a way to propagate for the “correct” opinion. He continues his unscientific nonsense under cover of his academic title.

Another letter to the editor published in the other well renowned morning paper, The Svenska Dagbladet, written by Martin Peterson, associate professor in philosophy proposes that one way to outweigh all the future seats of the SD in the parliament, would be that all the other parties form a group together containing the same number of seats, whose only purpose is to vote against the SD votes. He seriously suggests that the votes of thousands of Swedish voters would be outmanoeuvred. He shows no moral doubts whatsoever about the fact that he is talking about a way to undermine democracy!

An association called “The Geatish Association” (Götiska förbundet) is a fellowship established in 1815 and the Swedish king Carl XVI Gustav is the fellowship’s protector. It is a democratic association, is open for all Swedish citizens and is against discrimination. On 8 January GA excludes two of its members because they are members of SD. The excluded persons are alleged to harm GA because they adhere to the Sweden Democrats.

Stellan Bojerud is a retired army officer and a military historian. He has been active in the party the Moderaterna (the Moderates, that form a part of today’s government) and has participated in Swedish radio and television and is renowned for much more. In 2009, he was disappointed at the Moderates’ defence policy, left the Moderates and joined SD.

He describes on his blog how his life changed after this switch of parties. He was fired from his job at Historical Media. An old friend broke off their friendship, but more people came and shook his hand in secret. They said that they didn’t dare to it show openly. When he and his party mates meet they have to do it at secret places, use code words in SMS and coded phone calls because of the threats of the left extremists in AFA (Anti Fascist Action, a militant group using violence).

Stellan and his party mates live like a resistance movement in an occupied country. But as he says: “we are not occupied by a foreign enemy, but by Swedes who support foreign interests (extreme Islamism). Quislings of the Swedish people”. All his articles, formerly inserted in the all the large Swedish newspapers, are now rejected. Not even the local newspaper accepted his reply to an attack filled with made up accusations.

N.B! There are many more people who have been dismissed from their jobs and who are bullied just because they are members of the SD.

In the suppression of free opinion and contempt of democracy that characterize today’s Sweden there is an underlying “terror”, that supports and preserves the folly. If you don’t keep to the accepted opinion, you are immediately bullied out of the community. This is the reason the misgovernment can continue. It is worse to admit that you intends to vote for SD than revealing that you are homosexual.

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Sharia laws in Sweden?

In a newly submitted thesis at Uppsala University called “Islamic right of inheritance in multicultural Sweden” written by Mosa Sayed, he recommends that the Islamic sharia is integrated into Swedish laws.

Many people worry and see the thesis as an evidence of the fact that Sweden is on its way to be islamized at a record high pace – when researchers and other people with a large possibility to influence more and more often are islamists.

In the thesis (see the English summary) Sayed argues for the fact that a multicultural perspective should be adopted in the Swedish law of succession. Muslims today don’t accept a law of succession where for example women and non-Muslims can inherit the property left of non-Muslims and the only solution is to change the Swedish law of succession.

Islamic succession law contains values that lack equivalence in Swedish laws and application of the law. According to the sharia law, men and women sometimes inherit different quantities of the inheritance and it is not allowed to inherit between religions. Moreover, children born by an unmarried woman don’t have any right to inherit the father and the father’s family, Mosa Sayed explains.

The multicultural starting point means that Swedish courts and authorities as much as possible ought to respect the deceased’s and the heirs’ cultural affiliation as to the application of the law. This implies that Swedish courts shall judge Muslims according to sharia laws while others are judged according to Swedish laws. Consequently, this means that homosexuals, non-Muslims and women in many parts lose their right of inheritance.

The islamic right of inheritance is in the thesis seen as a cultural imprint based on the values that are deeply rooted in the islamic sources of law, i.e. the Koran.
The tutor of the thesis was Jan Hjärpe, known for his pro-islamic point of view in debates.

The integration researcher Henrik Emilsson is not impressed. He establishes that there is an ongoing upswing for normative research in Sweden. As regards the recommendation for sharia laws, he comments on the well-known Swedish gender equality aspect.
– Different right of inheritance for men and women in Sweden? Where is the gender perspective when you need it? he writes.

As a blog owner, I wonder how many Muslims Sayed have interviewed in order to find out that all the Muslims in Sweden actually want this change. In contrast, I suspect that many Muslims have fled to Europe and Sweden in order to get rid of the oppressive side of Islam, in order to get freedom and decide for themselves how to form their own lives. What gives Sayed the right to talk for all Muslims in Sweden?
I also ask myself if this kind of research really could be called serious. What innovations are to be found here? Where is the problemizing? Where is the hypothesis? I find it more like a dictate in the way dictates are given in non-democratic Muslim countries.

Have the tax payers’ money actually been used to propagate in this way for a pseudo research that wants to impose a way of life that would hamper equality between women and men, equality before the law, which are one of the mainstays of our Swedish society. I am baffled!!

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Immigration is the most infected subject in Sweden at the moment. It is not enough to be neutral to our mass immigration (more than 100 000 immigrants in 2009), you need to be positive and even love it (according to the leader of the Social Democrat Party Mona Sahlin: “We must love the multicultural society”).

Even though her party is not in power at the moment, this mantra is prevailing in Sweden. Now I will show one example of the propaganda and the opinion that is – completely overt – published i Swedish media.

In the state-owned radio channel 1, there is a programme called The World of Knowledge (Vetandets värld), that always has been renowned for a scientific and serious angle of approach. But on 5 January 2010, the subject matter is Talk or Keep Silent on Xenophobia. The programme’s reputation sinks as a stone. Why? The programme shows an awkwardly low level, when persons from the Left Party’s youth league and Mikael Hjelm, a researcher at the Sociological Institute at Umeå University, are allowed to make incorrect and misleading statements about the party the Sweden Democrats. The conclusions about on why certain groups are more negative to immigration halt seriously and more resemble a job ordered from the political correct politicians in the parliament.

During the 19 minutes’ long programme, the Sweden Democrats are mentioned 16 times but no one from the party is allowed to be present and comment on the conclusions. The word xenophobe/xenophobic is mentioned no less than 43 times. It is grave when the state employs someone who does not share the democratic values, i.e. someone that does not respect that people hold and state different opinions. They set up that working class people are more xenophobic than people with academic exams. But they cannot draw the conclusion that working class people have to live in the same suburbs as the immigrants and by that experience the negative sides of the multicultural project. University-trained people have enough money to buy houses in other area. It has nothing with the level of education to do.

They draw the conclusion that people in Sweden have a higher level of education than Sweden’s neighbouring countries, where xenophobia is much more widespread. This is actually what the allege, insolently enough.

I intend to show you more flagrant examples of this phenomenon in my next blog posts.

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Dear Readers,
Last election in Sweden, we got a new government. The socialists were replaced by a coalition of the four non-Socialist parties, the Moderate Party, the Liberals, The Center party and the Christian Democrats. The Swedish people were tired of the old government and wanted a thorough change.

Now, after almost three and a half years, we can ask ourselves the question: what has actually been changed? Well, one good thing is that the non-Socialists have tried to lower the highest burden of taxation in the world, and have succeeded to change this into being the country with the second highest burden of taxation! Unfortunately the retired elderly people have not benefitted from this decision at all.

Sweden’s national defence has been minimized and there is almost nothing left. The compulsory military service is practically abolished. Young men can choose not to participate simply by ticking the no-box on an Internet site.

People who wanted to see a reduction of the – in those days – already elevated immigration figures, voted probably for the non-Socialist. Now afterwards it is easy to observe that this government even has increased these figures. During 2009, about 102,000 immigrants got permanent residence permit. The previous year the figures were well above 90,000 and just below in 2007. NB! Only less than 10% of all these immigrants are “real” asylum seekers according to the UN criteria.

Was this what the Swedish voters expected? They expected probably a more moderate policy but the Government has proved to pursue a policy that is even more wasteful than the former’s as regards immigration. The migration minister, Tobias Billstrom, wrote recently in a debate article on the Internet site Newsmill, that the present government is the only alternative for voters when it comes to immigration policy. He claims that the government now has passed a law according to which the majority of our immigrants, i.e. family members of asylum seekers, from April an onwards must themselves be responsible for their support. The interesting thing is that this decision has so many exceptions that it would have been easier to state those who do not have to support themselves .

To sum up, all the seven parties in the Swedish parliament have the same immigration policy. There is one party though, outside the parliament, the Sweden Democrat Party, that has another more responsible migration policy and that criticizes the immigration policy of today and the last 20 years. The Sweden Democrat Party is always defamed by all the seven parliament parties as being xenophobic, when the party points out the results of the existing policy. Almost no debates are held. The parliamentary parties do never answer the facts that are presented and collected from Swedish authorities by the Sweden Democrat Party.

It will be interesting to see how this suffocating debate climate will develop up to the election in Sweden in September and for how long time it will be possible to deceive people in Sweden. In my opinion, people living a bit away from the ghettos are not aware of the situation and what is actually happening in this multicultural experiment.

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Dear Readers,
I hereby write my first blog post on this blog. Since the day I decided to start writing here and inform the world outside Sweden on Sweden’s situation, I have been tongue-tied, or rather hand-tied. There are so many things to comment here in Sweden, so much to reveal that shows that our democracy is in serious danger. I myself woke up completely as late as this autumn. I had felt the suffocating discussion climate for a long time in media and society, but after starting to find information on my own online, I have woken up brusquely.

I have read a lot information from blogs around the world, I have found that the debate climate is tight in other western European countries as well, but in Sweden there is something particular, like a damp blanket all over the society, particularly regarding certain issues. But there is ONE issue that is absolutely forbidden to discuss, unless you have the “correct” opinion, and that is the immigration policy. Here Sweden still has the climate of former East Germany.

In Sweden, there are seven different parties in the parliament, but they all represent the same opinion on immigration. At the same time they defame the biggest party outside the parliament that has another opinion on the immigration policy.  In other words and according to the parties in the parliament, there is no real possibility for the voters to impact this increasingly important issue.

In September, we will have our parliamentary election and it will be interesting to se and follow the election campaign up to the election and see how the “politically correct” parties will tackle this issue.

This was a brief start and until next time, I will take the temperature of Sweden.

PS If you have any questions on Sweden in this regard, I might be able to answer them. He who lives will see   🙂

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