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Sharia laws in Sweden?

In a newly submitted thesis at Uppsala University called “Islamic right of inheritance in multicultural Sweden” written by Mosa Sayed, he recommends that the Islamic sharia is integrated into Swedish laws.

Many people worry and see the thesis as an evidence of the fact that Sweden is on its way to be islamized at a record high pace – when researchers and other people with a large possibility to influence more and more often are islamists.

In the thesis (see the English summary) Sayed argues for the fact that a multicultural perspective should be adopted in the Swedish law of succession. Muslims today don’t accept a law of succession where for example women and non-Muslims can inherit the property left of non-Muslims and the only solution is to change the Swedish law of succession.

Islamic succession law contains values that lack equivalence in Swedish laws and application of the law. According to the sharia law, men and women sometimes inherit different quantities of the inheritance and it is not allowed to inherit between religions. Moreover, children born by an unmarried woman don’t have any right to inherit the father and the father’s family, Mosa Sayed explains.

The multicultural starting point means that Swedish courts and authorities as much as possible ought to respect the deceased’s and the heirs’ cultural affiliation as to the application of the law. This implies that Swedish courts shall judge Muslims according to sharia laws while others are judged according to Swedish laws. Consequently, this means that homosexuals, non-Muslims and women in many parts lose their right of inheritance.

The islamic right of inheritance is in the thesis seen as a cultural imprint based on the values that are deeply rooted in the islamic sources of law, i.e. the Koran.
The tutor of the thesis was Jan Hjärpe, known for his pro-islamic point of view in debates.

The integration researcher Henrik Emilsson is not impressed. He establishes that there is an ongoing upswing for normative research in Sweden. As regards the recommendation for sharia laws, he comments on the well-known Swedish gender equality aspect.
– Different right of inheritance for men and women in Sweden? Where is the gender perspective when you need it? he writes.

As a blog owner, I wonder how many Muslims Sayed have interviewed in order to find out that all the Muslims in Sweden actually want this change. In contrast, I suspect that many Muslims have fled to Europe and Sweden in order to get rid of the oppressive side of Islam, in order to get freedom and decide for themselves how to form their own lives. What gives Sayed the right to talk for all Muslims in Sweden?
I also ask myself if this kind of research really could be called serious. What innovations are to be found here? Where is the problemizing? Where is the hypothesis? I find it more like a dictate in the way dictates are given in non-democratic Muslim countries.

Have the tax payers’ money actually been used to propagate in this way for a pseudo research that wants to impose a way of life that would hamper equality between women and men, equality before the law, which are one of the mainstays of our Swedish society. I am baffled!!

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