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A parish within the Swedish Church (separated from the State in 2000) recently employed an imam, Othman Al-Tawalbeh, (Swedish link on him) to be stationed at a youth centre in Stockholm, Fryshuset, to help strengthen the multicultural work and counteract prejudices against Muslims and increase the cooperation between Christians and Muslims.

Politically correct do-gooders have not succeeded in preventing an animated debate within and outside the Church, though. The Swedish Church has worked hard for decades to integrate female ministers and to marry homosexuals. Many people ask what will be of this work now. Some debaters mean that the islamization has gone too far when the Swedish Church pays for being driven out of competition. But no threats have been pronounced.

The debacle has now taken another turn, when the Swedish Security Service, SÄPO, have contacted Tawalbeh after newly having found published texts on him on Arabic sites written by another Swedish Muslim, the chairman of the Swedish Muslim Association (the Swedish branch of the Muslim Brotherhood), Mahmoud Aldebe.

SÄPO got worried about Tawalbeh and regards the texts on the Internet as threatening. The texts are written in Arabic and Tawalbeh is reported being an apostate, having poisoned the Islamic faith, trying to christen Muslim youngsters and defending the rights of women. SÄPO have offered Tawalbeh protection. They fear that a fatwa will be proclaimed in the Muslim world.

Now Mahmoud Aldebe also alleges having been threatened by Tawalbeh and his medial network in Sweden after Aldebe’s contribution. Aldebe is known for being the person that in a long and thorough letter demanded Sharialaws to be introduced in Sweden in 2006.

To work for a Christian church is haram, according to the Swedish Fatwa Council. And the fact that this piece of news has spread to the Arab press is problematic. Sweden already has a negative report (Lars Vilks, the cartoonist and Taimour Abdulwahab, the suicide bomber) and Tawalbeh can become yet another target. Even those who harass Vilks here in Sweden could start attacking Tawalbeh.

The Swedish Church’s desire to improve the dialogue seems to be counterproductive, particularly when the prevalent interpretation of Islam does not seem to embrace the same flexibility. Perhaps the Church should have studied Islam more closely before launching this project?

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Today the non-socialist government together with the environmental party, made a historical decision. Illegal immigrants, that have got a refusal according to the migration court, will be allowed to have several free benefits and a possibility to start their own companies.

These persons, in Sweden by the politically correct media called “the paperless” (they refuse to show their ID papers for the authorities), a eufemism for illegal immigrants, will enjoy these benefits that are even more generous than for legal citizens, no matter if they are ethnic or Swedes or immigrants.

Being illegal will be the most favourable way of living in Sweden in the future. As illegal you will have no social security number and can avoid being chased by the Swedish Tax Agency and the Enforcement Service. As illegal, you will work on the side and thus you won’t pay any income tax, just VAT. As illegal you will get free medical care, free schooling for you children and be allowed to start and run a company.

So from now on, asylum seekers can disregard the judgements from the migration courts and decide on their own if they want to stay or not. As illegal, anyone from abroad can walk up to a hospital and demand a treatment for any ailment without having to pay. The difference between illegal and legal immigrants will probably be that the legal ones will have full range access to the world’s most generous system for allowances.

The situation for Swedes today have become harder and harder. They have to apply for their sickness benefit, not as earlier, just report that you are ill. Many seriously ill people are regarded as being fit for work and won’t thus get any sickness benefit. There have even been several cases where deadly ill cancer patients have been told to apply for a job. A few weeks later they were dead without having paid any allowances.

There is also a discussion among the politicians to raise the retirement age 2 or 3 years. The Swedes will have to work harder and longer. Why? Well, today I have put forward a reason for the fact the world’s highest taxes won’t do in the long run. More money must be levied in order to support the increasing number of groups that are not able to, or have no desire to support themselves.

This decision is in fact a breach of the prevailing Swedish law. It is still illegal to stay in Sweden without permission if you come from a country outside the EU. If this law isn’t changed, there will of course be a conflict of laws. But if the law is changed, the decision is synonymous with completely free immigration and Sweden will be borderless. Sometimes you can believe that the date for this decision is 1 April. Unfortunately, it isn’t.

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