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Raped by the state

The politicians have forced the Swedish people into the multicultural experiment. The latest project is to educate 14-year old schoolchildren on sex and kill two birds with one stone. Multiculture is incorporated into the cartoon “Sex on the map”. The UR (The Educational Radio) in collaboration with the RFSU (National Association for Sexual Information) have created the film with money from the State Inheritance Fund.

The film depicts a young boy, Abdurachman, and a politically correctly arranged girl, Melody. She is a compromise. They probably realized that it would be somewhat too provocative to portray the girl as blond and fair-skinned. The sexual action, when he among other things deflowers the girl, is depicted as a visit to the lavatory, nothing to care much about. The underlying message is that girls shall be acclimatized to the role as toys for the non-European immigrants that exploit Swedish girls as mattresses. When it comes to marriage, they import a “real” woman from their country of origin. There are statistics to show the latter.

A commentator says:

As a father of daughters, I watch this state orchestrated propaganda with disgust. It is loathsome. The state tries to indoctrinate and learn small children/girls (and naïve parents) that it is natural to have sex with Mohammed, while reality is different. My limit, as a responsible parent, is to Arabic Muslims and Muslim north Africans (i.e. Somalians) since it strictly connected with mortal danger in many ways. Then they don’t protect themselves and it becomes my responsibility (not the state’s) as a fostering father to protect my daughters. By every means available.

To depict a blond white-skinned man having sex with a Muslim girl would have been impossible. The filmmakers are of course aware of this fact. And in the light of Sweden as Europe’s leading rape nation where immigrants are overrepresented by 48 per cent for “normal” rapes, and by 64 per cent for aggravated rape, there seem to be an agenda to normalize this state of things.

There is of course another smart move to incorporate multiculture in the film. The UR states that it has got half a million e-mails from annoyed people. Now the UR does the trick. The complaining people are dismissed as racists and extremists. Ingenious! The complaints can be overseen. There is a snag, though. The film has been reported to the police for violation of the law of child pornography. According to this law, people under 18 mustn’t be depicted in sexual acts or situations. I will be interesting to hear the filmmakers’ excuses in court.

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