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Time for yet another video clip. This time it is the Former Swedish Minister of Finance, Mr Anders Borg, that makes a statement at the Peterson Institute meeting in 2013.

He acknowledges what people in Sweden have suspected for a long time: the US make war in the Middle East, and Sweden gets (most of) the refugees.

As a Swedish citizen, we were never, and are never, told that the influx is so enormous. We always hear that an influx is good, but we are never told officially that we outdo all the other European countries to this extent.

The big influx is something that the politicians conceal, and so do the media, who work alongside the politicians against the people. People who try to debate this fact are immediately called “racists” by the politicians, the media and their henchmen (Antifa and the like). This is an easy way of muzzling a whole nation.

So listen to the truth, that was easily conveyed to foreigners, but was never unmasked onshore:


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Here in Sweden, life is a kind of Kafka dream, or rather a Kafka nightmare. When you thought that nothing else that is even more extreme happen, it suddenly does!

Believe it or not – the local government in Stockholm has decided to help returning ISIS warriors to adapt to the society by granting them allowances and priority over other in the housing queue!

Listen to this video – it is all true. Yes, it is! You would burst out laughing, if it weren’t for the fact that IT IS TRUE. I just say: only in Sweden!


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I do not often post anything on this blog anylonger. Sometimes there are things that have to be reblogged or published, though. This clip is such a product. It summarizes what is going on in Sweden and the atmosphere under which Swedes are living. Take a deep breath – you won’t be the same person after having seen this film!

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