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I cannot help publishing this video clip from the American CBN News on Sweden. As a dissident I must admit that this is a depiction that hits the mark completely, at least to all the inhabitants that have seen through media’s dishonest reporting, which is the case for more and more Swedes today. Sweden has become a mental prison for those who do not agree with the establishment.

The clip has – of course – not been mentioned in Swedish mainstream media. This is the ordinary mode of procedure, when the establishment (of which media is a part here) is criticized.

Furthermore, to have the nerve to use the regime-critical news blog Exponerat as a source (quickly viewed at the beginning when citing the UN report) would give any mainstream media journalist the creeps and make them refuse to involve in any debate.

For this is media’s new strategy. Their new catchphrase is:

dare to refuse taking the debate

This is what they keep on repeating in order to pursuade themselves that they are good people. In that way they avoid touch upon the fact that the core mission of a journalist is to debate and discuss. Their ability to expressing insults like “racists”, “nazis” and “xenophobic” and suchlike is however as vigorous as ever.

The Danish editor Hedegaard at the end is fully correct when he says:

That is a very bad situation because you live then in a country where you cannot solve any problems. You cannot even meniton the problems.

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Lars Vilks, the Swedish artist, controversial in certain circles because of his drawing of Mohammed as a roundabout dog, underwent yet another Muslim attack at a lecture at Uppsala University. On 21 February. Film clips can be watched here and here. Vilks held a lecture on freedom of speech in art. It was the Islamic Culture Society and Karlstad’s Young Muslims that on beforehand had objected to this lecture.

When Vilks showed a picture that was controversial for some of these persons in the audience, this group of them raised and started to scan “Allah akbar” and threw eggs and snowballs at Vilks. The police acted in a very lenient way, which you can see in the video clip. The control of the audience before the lecture was lax, no search of the attendants, according to an eye-witness. No policemen were even standing at the entrance door. Afterwards the public relations officer from Varmland’s police force stated: “We have identified all the persons, but have not yet made up our minds if the event will lead to a report”.

Another eye-witness: ”It was very alarming to see the police that gawky not doing anything with these assailants that assaulted Vilks. After the lecture the Muslims stood completely indifferent. The racist card did its job. One of the Muslims shouted ”you take us because you are a racist” and then the policeman ignored it all”.

As late as January three men of Somali descent, that had planned to kill Vilks, were acquitted. In the light of this, shouldn’t the police be somewhat more attentive?

Swedish media were very careful never to reveal that it was Muslims that interrupted the Uppsala lecture. The official video clip had been pixled to conceal the descent of the perpetrators. Vilks himself wrote about it on his blog (here, in Swedish, though) and an egg that wasn’t crashed was turned into Mohammed.

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Today Cavatus’s blog proudly presents the guest blogger S R Larson, known as author (some books are: America Occupied, Remaking AmericaArla Gryning) and research fellow with the Wyoming Liberty Group (read more here). He runs the blogs larson4liberty, Hayekinstitutet and Frihetslarson, where the two latter are in Swedish and the last lies fallow at the moment.

On September 11, 2003 Ms. Anna Lindh, the foreign minister of Sweden, was fatally wounded by an attacker while shopping at a department store in downtown Stockholm. Her death sent shock waves through Sweden and expressions of sympathy came from everywhere.

While her assassin was later arrested and convicted, the motive behind it was never entirely clarified. It was fairly clear, though, that political factors were behind the killing. Ms. Lindh had been actively involved in the political process to stabilize the Balkan in the aftermath of the end of the Balkan War. Some political factions with one foot in Sweden and one in former Yugoslavia were allegedly unhappy with her efforts.

International media coverage of the Lindh murder never quite reached the level that followed the assassination of Sweden’s Prime Minister Olof Palme in 1986. But it was nevertheless a rare exception to the coverage – or, more appropriately, lack of coverage – of political violence in Sweden.

Unfortunately, the international perception of Sweden as being largely saved from political violence is dead wrong. A slew of incidents through last year’s election campaign were only the tip of the iceberg: for a number of years radical totalitarian groups, Socialists/Communists and Nazis, have fought each other with increasing determination and violence. This violence has also spilled over into the realm of established parliamentary politics. Since at least 2006 representatives for the Sverigedemokraterna, or Swedish Democrats, have been victims of intimidation and assaults on both their persons and their property.

Since 2006 the Swedish Democrats have had elected officials at the city and county levels. In 2010 they won seats in the Riksdag, the national parliament. It would be fair to expect the attacks against them to die out as they become part of the established political scene. However, this has not happened.

Quite the contrary. A telling example: on May 12, Mr. William Petzall, member of the Riksdag for the Swedish Democrats, was within an inch of being seriously hurt during an event at a high school in Gothenburg. Mr. Petzall has just left the building after having participated in an information session for students when he was attacked in his car. He was sitting in the front seat when someone threw a large piece of rock through the side window. The piece was large enough to cause serious trauma if it had hit Mr. Petzall, who escaped physically unharmed.

Only days later, Mr. Petzall was in the Riksdag directing a question to Mrs. Beatrice ask, Sweden’s Attorney General and member of the Prime Minister’s cabinet, about what she planned to do in order to curb politically motivated violence. At the very moment she was presenting her response to his question, a group of anarcho-leftists attacked five members of the Swedish Democrat youth league. The Swedish Democrats were handing out fliers on a downtown street – a common practice for Swedish politicians and political parties – when the anarcho-leftists encircled them and attacked.

In addition to disrupting the Swedish Democrats in their legitimate exercise of free speech, the anarcho-leftists went so badly at one of their victims that he ended up in hospital.

These examples barely scratch the surface of political violence in Sweden. While no member of the Swedish Democrat party has thus far had to pay with his life for his political choices, the escalation of assaults on members of the party begs the question how long it will be before that happens.

When Ms. Anna Lindh was assassinated there was a rightful outcry of sympathy from the entire political establishment in Sweden. On the rare occasions when less serious attacks by the anarcho-left have been directed at members of other political parties than the Swedish Democrats, there has been an equal outcry of frustration and calls for “political civility”.

When, on the other hand, politically charged violence hits the Swedish Democrats, the political elite is silent. During the aforementioned session in the Riksdag, Ms. Beatrice Ask declared that the government was not planning to do anything in particular to curb that type of violence. Her view that violence against members of the Swedish Democrats is of no consequence echoes the views of Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt, who in September last year said that those who are active in the Swedish Democrats should not be surprised that they are the targets of attacks – because of their political viewpoints.

Not only is the Swedish Democrat party duly elected into the Riksdag, but their criticism of the country’s extremely generous immigration policies are in no way racist or authoritarian. On the contrary, they are close to the Danish People’s Party – well established both in Denmark and the EU Parliament – and more moderate than, e.g., the OVP in Austria, the British National Party and the Pim Fortuyn party in the Netherlands.

It is difficult to tell whether the Swedish political elite is naively ignorant about the seriousness of the political violence, or if they genuinely believe that some political viewpoints represented in the national parliament are legitimate targets of violence. Regardless, the effect is that the scope for free speech is steadily shrinking in Sweden, and the dark shadows of totalitarianism grow ever more ominous.

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The Swedish “propaganda ministry” Expo warns FinlandDaniel Poohl, the editor in chief of the Expo magazine, published by the organization Expo, has taken the responsibility to explain to Finland how they must behave politically now after the Finnish parliamentary election. Apparently he believes that Sweden is a role model in this respect, which says a lot about what world Poohl lives in. Expo, Sweden’s unofficial propaganda ministry, would have made Goebbels green with envy.

In the aftermath of the Finnish election, Expo has, in a sudden fit of chauvinistically Swedish hubris, taken the responsibility to try and inform the winner, the National Coalition Party’s Jyrki Katainen, how he should handle the electoral success of the True Finns. Expo is used to recommend how to “handle” people’s and parties’ views that are not allowed in Sweden. Subsidized by millions of the tax payers’ money in order to teach the tax payers to hold the correct views in certain political issues, the Expo people are used to dictate the debate and officially condemn those who do not agree. Expo usually speak from a position of authority and address repressed, unhistorical or rather uneducated people, in other words in a rather condescending way. This way of expressing is also to be found in the text addressed to Finland.

To begin with, Poohl warns that there is a “risk” that the True Finns’ nationalistic point of view will spread to the other parties. Very few Finns, though, have the slightest problem with nationalism. Poohl does not understand this. He believes that nationalism is an insult even in normal countries, because he has forgotten what normal countries – nations – are. To take care of each other and not deliberately degrade one’s own inhabitants, has historically been rather okay almost everywhere, and is still so in Finland. Sweden is here the disordered exception, together with some other European countries. The Finnish politicians that follows Poohl’s advice and starts acting hypocritically in the way we can see in the Swedish parliamentary circus can say goodbye to their career and, perhaps more importantly, their posthumous reputation. The Finns know this and Poohl ought to understand it as well.

The erroneous conclusion Poohl makes is of course to believe that the Finns are idiots. Swedes are not indeed idiots at bottom either, but in certain respects we have started to deserve this designation. “Ordinary people” are scared stiff when thinking of saying both what they feel and see every day, “intellectuals” betray their role completely and refrain from criticizing massive unsatisfactory state of things and the theoretical delusions that are behind them.

Finland suffers of course from many western stupidities, from over consumption to the fixation of equality. But to deliberately destroy their own country through uncontrolled, destructive and a for no person favourable immigration – that stupid is not the Finn, and will not become either, even though big brother Sweden’s far most idolized pundits try to put their feet down.

Finland should understand that Sweden, given Sweden’s conditions, has very little to be proud of any longer. This is by the way, among many other reasons, Daniel Poohl to be blamed for.

The aim of Poohl’s letter to Finland is to see to it that the True Finns “are not treated like any other party.” Poohl does not only want to assert, but seems even to believe himself, that the crackbrained Swedish situation, where the most central issues of the epoch, is completely excluded from the debate, and ought to be normative for a “real” country. Adult bullying instead of discussion, mawkish bullshit instead of political analysis and grammatically dubious campaigns in the tabloids instead of responsibility – this is what Poohl wants to offer Finland.

I doubt that the Finns are interested in the offer, though.

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Freedom of speech is asserted to be a valued cornerstone in the western countries. Sweden, as well, wants to emphasize that this country is no exception. I will nevertheless show that this freedom is deeply threatened in Sweden. Here I will only mention a few examples, but there are many, many more.

The well established Swedish morning newspaper the Dagens Nyheter does not open its letters to the editor for every Tom, Dick and Harry. But for writers who propose ways of limiting democracy, there does not seem to be any obstacle to getting a text accepted, particularly if you have a title or high examination. Then you can spread your anti-democratic propaganda even without having to feel ashamed. And most people in leading positions will accept it as something completely in order!

The psychoanalyst Thomas Bohm, entangles himself in a discussion on 9 January with the title “The Sweden Democrats are an orthodox minority group”. The party (hereinafter “SD”) is accused of being “Unswedish” and intolerant. But a considerable part of the Swedish inhabitants share the party’s views, so how can they then be “Unswedish” and a minority group? So could these statements be scientific and be well founded? He continues to say: “since we don’t want to be like SD, but consider tolerance as a desirable characteristic, we can let them stay on here”.

Interesting is the way he uses the word “we”, to show that “everyone” has the same opinion as Bohm. How can he know? On the contrary, he is using wishful thinking in a way to propagate for the “correct” opinion. He continues his unscientific nonsense under cover of his academic title.

Another letter to the editor published in the other well renowned morning paper, The Svenska Dagbladet, written by Martin Peterson, associate professor in philosophy proposes that one way to outweigh all the future seats of the SD in the parliament, would be that all the other parties form a group together containing the same number of seats, whose only purpose is to vote against the SD votes. He seriously suggests that the votes of thousands of Swedish voters would be outmanoeuvred. He shows no moral doubts whatsoever about the fact that he is talking about a way to undermine democracy!

An association called “The Geatish Association” (Götiska förbundet) is a fellowship established in 1815 and the Swedish king Carl XVI Gustav is the fellowship’s protector. It is a democratic association, is open for all Swedish citizens and is against discrimination. On 8 January GA excludes two of its members because they are members of SD. The excluded persons are alleged to harm GA because they adhere to the Sweden Democrats.

Stellan Bojerud is a retired army officer and a military historian. He has been active in the party the Moderaterna (the Moderates, that form a part of today’s government) and has participated in Swedish radio and television and is renowned for much more. In 2009, he was disappointed at the Moderates’ defence policy, left the Moderates and joined SD.

He describes on his blog how his life changed after this switch of parties. He was fired from his job at Historical Media. An old friend broke off their friendship, but more people came and shook his hand in secret. They said that they didn’t dare to it show openly. When he and his party mates meet they have to do it at secret places, use code words in SMS and coded phone calls because of the threats of the left extremists in AFA (Anti Fascist Action, a militant group using violence).

Stellan and his party mates live like a resistance movement in an occupied country. But as he says: “we are not occupied by a foreign enemy, but by Swedes who support foreign interests (extreme Islamism). Quislings of the Swedish people”. All his articles, formerly inserted in the all the large Swedish newspapers, are now rejected. Not even the local newspaper accepted his reply to an attack filled with made up accusations.

N.B! There are many more people who have been dismissed from their jobs and who are bullied just because they are members of the SD.

In the suppression of free opinion and contempt of democracy that characterize today’s Sweden there is an underlying “terror”, that supports and preserves the folly. If you don’t keep to the accepted opinion, you are immediately bullied out of the community. This is the reason the misgovernment can continue. It is worse to admit that you intends to vote for SD than revealing that you are homosexual.

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