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The other week Sweden’s Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt admitted that Sweden has got extensive immigration problems. He also stated that Sweden admits too many immigrants:

“Sweden admits more asylum seekers than the US and the EU together. This is not a balanced policy”, he says, and finishes by saying that Sweden has a lot to learn from Finland.

Yes, Reinfeldt is right. The following figures show the insanity of the Swedish mass immigration. If the other countries below granted as many residence permits as Sweden in proportion to their population, the figures would look like the ones below:

France would then have admitted 580.128 asylum seekers instead of 106.770.
The US: 553.380 instead of 89.460
Germany: 750.228 instead of 68.900
Finland: 48.531 instead of 11.360
Italy: 565.868 instead of 61.970
The Netherlands: 150.878 instead of 35.410
Denmark: 49.788 instead of 7.960
Poland: 350.716 instead of 25.000
Belgium: 94.623 instead of 40.560
Ireland: 37.414 instead of 10.550
Austria: 74.660 instead of 40.590
Greece: 102.499 instead of 60.920
Spain: 368.289 instead of 15.180
Portugal: 96.905 instead of 520

(Source: UNHCR)

However, the most remarkable is not that Reinfeldt tells the truth. The most remarkable is that he pronounces it – AND IN FINLAND! Another truth is that he cannot possibly state this axiom in Sweden.

In less than two months there will be a parliamentary election in Sweden. The election campaign so far hasn’t touched upon Sweden’s immense immigration. It won’t do that neither. This question is tabooed in Sweden. Anyone who dares to whisper anything negative about the prevailing immigration policy is instantly regarded or rejected as xenophobic or a racist. By the authorities. By the media.

There is only one political party, the Sweden Democrats, that proposes a reduction of the influx. This party is not yet seated in the parliament, but is a big threat for the seven parliamentary parties since it will probably get into the parliament after the election according to the majority of all the opinion polls. So this party is completely ignored, and even constantly defamed in all media as being xenophobic, even though the party only demands an immigration at the same level as all the other European countries.

All the political parties refuse to participate in debates with the Sweden Democrats. The “seven sisters” of the parliament have also declared that they will never cooperate with the Sweden Democrats in the parliament. They would rather cooperate across the party blocs.

Fredrik Reinfeldt would thus never admit publicly in Sweden that the Sweden Democrats are right. This is a tacit agreement among the parliamentary parties (and the media). But abroad he can admit it. Doesn’t this say all about the lack of honesty that permeates the political climate in Sweden?

An ironic election poster on this issue published by the site Valaffisch. The text in English: “Sweden admits too many immigrants, but I only dare to say this to the Finnish media”. Blue text: “We keep Swedish people in the dark”

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