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This is an interview from the Norwegian television. A Swedish politician, Daniel Arrospide Alata, from the environmental ”Green” Party infiltrated one of the Stockholm mosques for 6 months. He did this in order to find out what is going on there behind the scenes of the ”religion of peace”.

What he found out was not what he expected, if relying on the words of the imams. He found what we all fear and what we experienced last Saturday in Stockholm.

He says in his debate article that the official denial of the imam from the Swedish Islamic Society is downright hypocrisy. This is apparently a flagrant example of taqyyia. Al-Qaeda recruits men in a steady stream.

Arrospide asserts that the imam knew of this but did nothing to stop it. Arrospide also states in his article that it is time the security service and the police took reasonable measures to tackle the problem. Otherwise this will be just a big problem as were the Nazis once upon a time.

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So, finally Sweden has had its first terrorist attack. A self-bomber killed himself i central Stockholm Saturday afternoon i the middle of the Christmas trade. His car also exploded a few blocks from the man just before he killed himself. Before he had also send a recorded message and a threatening e-mail to the TT (The Swedish Central News Agency), part of which is as follows:

To the Swedish people. Thanks to Lars Vilks and his paintings of the prophet Mohammed and your soldiers in Afghanistan and your silence on all this your children, daughters, brothers and sisters shall die as our brothers and sisters and children die.

Now the Islamic state has fulfilled what they have promised you. We are here in Europe and in Sweden, we are a reality, no idea, that is all I want to say about this. Our actions will talk for themselves. As long as you don’t stop your war against Islam and the degradation against the prophet and your stupid support to the pig Vilks.

And to all Muslims in Sweden I say: stop fawning on and degrading yourselves for a degrading life far from Islam. Help your brothers and sisters and do not fear anyone or anything, just God that you adore.

And to my family, try to forgive med. I couldn’t sit and watch when all injustice takes place against Islam and the prophet when the pig Vilks did what he did. Forgive my lies. I never went to the The Middle East to work or earn money. I went there for Jihad. I hope you can understand me some time. I could never have told you for you or anyone else. My dear wife and children, I love you. My love for you was never a lie. Forgive me for not telling you anything. Give kisses to the children. Tell them that daddy loves them and will always do.

Finally I greet all mujaheddin, don’t forget me in your prayers. Pray for me that here in Sweden the Muslims are so degraded that they pray for non-Muslims in their mosques. And finally to all mujaheddin in Europe and in Sweden: now it is time to strike. Don’t wait any longer. Come out with what you have even though it is a knife and I know that you have more to bring. Don’t fear anyone, don’t fear any prison, don’t fear death.

Here is another newly produced private video on the terrorist bomber and the actual explosion.

Now, is anyone a tiny bit familiar with the actual situation in Sweden surprised? For the man in the street, this was of course a surprise. He is constantly kept in the dark about Sweden’s lax immigrations provisions, which make it possible for over 95% of the immigrants to get a residence permit and life long economic support without having to prove their identity.

According to the journalist Per Gudmundson, Sweden and England have been safe havens for this kind of criminals in the 1990s and the most important refuges for the Arab-Afghan (his blog on this is partly in English):

This period was also characterized, according to al-Suri, by the dissemination of jihadi ideology, especially from Britain and the Scandinavian countries, ‘where they, at least for the time being, were able to exploit the relatively relaxed security conditions and the welfare conditions.

Our Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt made a wan statement after the attack, in which he condemned the crime, but directly urged people not to take advantage of the situation by letting out one’s fear. The latter part of the sentence seemed to be the most important thing to convey.

He also concluded “Sweden is now a part of the global world”. Well, he seems to be the last to realize this, even though he has strived very hard for the multicultural paradise, believing that it is possible to combine with the Swedish naiveté and credulity. Reinfeldt actually uses this phrase in order to free himself from responsibility of the present society. His conclusion is apparent: If we now ARE a part of the global world, he and his government must be innocent. This is supported by his statement “We must live with this”. Really? Do we? Why?

I now have the title of a new book that needs to be written on Sweden: How to ruin a country without telling the people. Who dares to write it?

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On the 24 November the Swedish caricaturist Lars Vilks was threatened again. A Somali man representing the Al-Shabaab covered in a Palestinian scarf gives expression to a number of threats. You can watch the filmclip by downloading it here.

Part of the speech and comments from the blog Ojihad:

Abu Zaid“, a militant from Sweden, is giving a statement standing in what seems to be an empty football stadium. Speaking in Swedish to the Muslims of Sweden, the masked militant says: “And I also encourage you to make hijrah to this country.“ He then goes on and threatens the Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks who drew some caricatures of the prophet Muhammad and received numerous death threats since. The Somali foreign fighter says: “I want to send this warning to Lars Vilks who was behind the caricatures defaming our prophet. And I say to Lars Vilks that wherever you are, if not today or tomorrow, know that we haven´t yet forgotten about you and we will get hold of you and with Allah´s permission we will get you wherever you are and in whatever hole you are hiding know what awaits for you, as it will be nothing but this: slaughter!“ To his Muslim brothers and sisters “Abu Zaid“ says: “If you can kill this dog called Lars Vilks then you will receive a great reward from Allah!

Now, why do I write this a couple of weeks after the threat has been revealed? Well, what strikes me most is that this Jihdist is conveying his message in high-sounding Swedish. No question that he once hasenjoyed the benevolent and generous subsidies from the Swedish state by living here as one of all the (false?) asylum refugees. He has attended the free Swedish education “Swedish for immigrants” for a long time. How should he otherwise be able to speak such a fluent and good Swedish?

He has also been able to, probably without the burden of being forced to perform any kind of job, spend his time deepen his knowledge of the Jihadist movement, strengthen his network and recruit other “warriors” as well.

My attendant question is if this is his way of expressing his gratitude to the Swedish benevolence? To the Swedish taxpayers? Sweden has apparently nourished a viper in its bosom. And I fear that it is not the only one.

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