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In the aftermath of the Swedish election, the hate campaigns are massive from media and politicians. Common questions they ask are ”Who could anyone have voted for the Sweden Democrats?” and ”How can we room that many racists in our tolerant Sweden?” and so on and forth. People are more or less forced to smear the SD in order not to feel accused of belonging to “the wicked”.

In this ambience of mass hysteria and witch-hunt for SD-voters, from now on apparently outlawed in society, an enterprise selling shoes, Brandos, has joined the chorus of complaints. The business executives of course think that they have found a way of showing what high moral they have, how ”good” and ”kind” they are. Of course, they also want to make a profit in the light of this Kafka-like atmosphere.

Watch their film clip below (heading in English: to you who voted for the Sweden Democrats) (NB! with English or German subtitles), in which they say that SD-voters (340,000 persons) are not welcome as customers in their shops. What they neglected is that they have shops in several European countries where far more right-wing parties have got far more votes than the Sweden Democrats; countries where the immigration policy is far more restricted that the immigration policy in Sweden. These countries have in fact an immigration policy which is the one that the SD strive for.

The Swedish politically incorrect site “Politiskt Inkorrekt” has sent them a letter, which I publish below.

Do you think, Karl-Johan Pantzar, who live in a multi million private house in the suburb of Old Enskede, one of Stockholm’s most wealthy and segregated areas, that you have a clear image of all the problems many of us, who perhaps live in less attractive areas, have encountered as a direct consequence of Europe’s most extreme immigration policy?

Do you think, Fredrik Juto, who live in the street of Narvavägen, one of the most exclusive Nordic addresses, that you have the right to take upon yourself to judge the Swedish person that lives in a flat in the street of Rasmusgatan in Malmö – an area i the middle of the city that is harassed by criminal immigrant gangs that daily act in a threatening way against native-born Swedes that dare to enter the area?

Karl-Johan Pantzar and Fredrik Juto, have you at all read the election manifesto of the Sweden Democrats? If so, which we strongly doubt, what in this election manifesto is, in your opinion, to be regarded as xenophobia (in contrast to a legitimate criticism of the current immigration- and integration policy that the other parliamentary parties sometimes point out as unsuccessful)?

Your company sells shoes not only to the Swedish inhabitants, but has expanded to further six European countries:
· Denmark – Brandos.dk (where the party Dansk Folkeparti got 13,8 per cent in the latest election to the Folketing and is a support party of the government)
· Norway – Brandos.no (where the party Fremskrittspartiet got 23 per cent in the latest election to the Storting in 2009)
· Finland – Brandos.fi (where the party Sannfinländarna got 4,1 per cent in the latest general election)
· Germany – Brandos.de (the growing Pro-association, for example Pro-Köln, that has furthermore been attacked several times from both Islamists and neo-Nazis and left-wing extremists)
· The Netherlands – Brandos.nl (where PVV (the party Frihetspartiet) got 15 per cent in the latest election for the House of representatives, the third biggest party)
· Belgium – Brandos.be (where Vlaams Belang got 12 per cent of the votes in the elections for the the House of Commons and the senate)

Have you addressed a corresponding suggestion to the part of the inhabitants in these countries that are critical of their domestic immigration policy, i.e. not to buy shoes from you? As a logical consequence, this must be the case, not at least in the light of the fast that most of the popularly elected parties in the above mentioned countries regard the Sweden Democrats as a liberal party in a comparison.

But if you haven’t done so, why do you think that only Swedes, who are after all exposed to the most extreme immigration policy in comparison with these countries, shall conform to your urgent request not to buy shoes from Brandos?

We offer you, if you wish, to translate, free of charge, your vido clip into the languages of these countries, in order to convey your message to the proper contacts, so that it gets a wide circulation on all your markets.

You also have interests of property in other companues, for example Ticket2 ticket2.com, according to your own statement the largest market in northern Europe for event tickets. Is your urgent request also valid for the customers of these companies, i.e. of someone sympathizes with the Sweden Democrats, this person shall not buy tickets via Ticket2?

As you see, the questions are numerous, and we at the editorial office look forward to an answer from you. With your permission we will publish the answer on Politiskt Inkorrekt.

Perhaps this have given you an idea of how hysterical the defamation has become in Sweden. As regards democracy, Sweden’s parlamentarism is apparently just a Potemkin village:

The true meaning of the entry of the Sweden Democrats in the parliament is that Sweden, and the Swedish people, for the first time in modern times have been brought face to face with the factual signification of a parliamentary democracy. For the first time Swedes must learn what parlamentarism and democracy actually means.” (A quotation from the blog Hayekinstitutet Sverige)

Last but least, I urge you who read this to boycott the shoe stores BRANDOS and to spread the word about this undemocratic group of companies and the boycott of it.

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On Sunday 18 September it is time for Sweden’s election, an election that will be the most important in Sweden ever. This time, it is not only a question of getting a party critical of the immigration policy into the parliament, but also a question if reintroducing freedom of speech in Sweden. I will now depict the dirtiest Swedish electoral campaign in my long life.

Ever since this campaign started, the party the Sweden Democrats have been neglected. No other party wants to discuss the factual matters with the SD. As I have related earlier on this blog, this party criticizes Sweden’s immigration policy, which is massive compared to all the other European countries. There are of course other important issues on the SD agenda as well, but the party is always depicted as a one-question party in the media.

About a month ago, all the inhibitions were let free in the Swedish media. There are any of us that have suspected them for having a cultural Marxist agenda of their own. Now they couldn’t help unmasking it. Each and every day, we have been fed with defamatory “news” of the SD. The Swedish TV channels have competed by delivering the most negative piece of news. The same could be seen in the newspapers. Even to convey downright lies in every newspaper for 30 days up to the election has been a normal state.

A flagrant example is when the Swedish Television (SVT) sends a report from a village named Floda. After having read this name backwards, the reporter visits an SD candidate and asks him if he knows what Floda is backwards. The insinuation is apparent.

Here is a small list of “news” these last few weeks:
· The trade union Transport excludes one of its members that is a candidate for the SD
· Swedish immigrants are on strike for 5 minutes one day against the SD
· An SD politician is pilloried because of being violent (reality: he tried to defend himself)
· An expert on political science informs how to prevent the SD from having any future influence in the parliament
· The knife-gashed SD politician has staged the story himself
· A list of SD people that have been sentenced for a crime is published (but the worst crime seems to be a study loan debt of 100 euros)
· The Prime minister warns people that a vote for the SD is dangerous for the country
· A list of the 20 first SD names on the ballot paper is published and something negative is stated about each person
· The SD leader is depicted in a long article as a dangerous man
· A professor of ethics proposes tactical voting against the SD in the parliament
· The SD are accused of having its roots among Nazi people
· The SD are alleged to profit from the martyrdom
· The Swedish Television’s evening news 6 Sept. shows the film clip from the film der Untergang where the text has been changed so as to describe the SD as Nazis.

This was just a small sample and the list is far longer than this. Every day started by switching on the TV to see what kind of hatred was going to be broadcast on the TV news that very day, and to look see what malevolent articles were to be found in the morning papers that very morning.

The most interesting thing, though, is that the factual matters have NEVER ONCE been discussed, debated or described. The purpose is to prevent us from discussing Sweden’s immigration policy or Sweden’s escalating crime statistics. Apparently we are not allowed to discuss this issue in Sweden.

Now, let’s look at what has actually happened outside the media:
· The SD TV commercial was censored, the radio commercial was stopped and the newspaper ad was stopped in certain newspapers.
· Many polling huts were vandalized· Election meetings were sabotaged and interrupted (in Stockholm, Malmo and Gothenburg)· Even active politicians from other parties have been spotted on photos in the disturbances of the meetings here, here and here, an action that is unlawful.
· Many election meetings have been cancelled (in Norrköping, Eskilstuna (filmclip) and Karlstad) because of the security risk; the police could not guarantee the party members sufficient security.
· Even listeners at the meeting in Malmo and Stockholm have been harassed.
· Female SD candidate threatened.
· SD candidate gets his two cars vandalized.
· A former SD politician in Mariestad was attacked by the AFA; a damaged car, stones of a fist-s size thrown into the house, threats sprayed on the wall of the house.
· The SD were excluded from the final party leader debate on TV in spite of the fact that the party is the third biggest one in a majority of the opinion surveys lately.
· Election workers attacked in several places and surrounded so as not to be able to hand out voting material (Malmo, Gothenburg).

David von Arnold

· After the open-air meeting in Malmo last Monday, an SD party worker, David von Arnold, was attacked in his home by two masked men, tortured with a knife and got a swastika scratched on his forehead, robbed of his computer and money, and his front door sprayed with political insults (bild på Arnold), (N.B! the only more serious political crimes so far have been the murders of Olof Palme and Anna Lind).
· The hate campaign was crowned after this foul deed by a statement of our prime minister in which he said that people with this opinion should not be surprised if these things happen.
· A threatening immigrant gang of youths forced their way up to a person behind the voting screen (it has been possible to vote in advance) and shouted that they would check if he voted for the SD.
· David von Arnold is accused of having schratched the swastika himself on his forehead.
· Today, the day before the election, the website of the SD was hacked.

There is no doubt that all this trouble has been caused by the media, which have urged people over and over again with their spiteful campaigns and there is no confidence whatsoever left for the journalists. Politicians can be exchanged in elections, but how do we get rid of our journalists? They are not held responsible for the result of their texts or news features.

The poll ratings of the SD have increased all the time in spite of the prevailing media climate. This explains probably the panic among the politicians and the media, a panic that has made them lose all their senses of proportions.

The blogosphere has become a guerrilla movement for freedom of speech, and the SD has become the party on which the advocates of freedom of speech set their hope. A vote for the SD is a protest against Europe’s last state of suppression of free opinion.

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The recent turbulence here in Sweden concerns the TV commercial produced by the ”most hated Swedish party”, according to a Swedish journalists L Nilsson and E Schön in their book, namely the political party Sweden Democrats (hereinafter SD). For the first time, SD intends to broadcast TV and radio commercials. In order not to produce a commercial in vain, SD concluded an agreement with the Swedish terrestrial channel TV4. Shortly after TV4 had received the commercial, the channel’s director decided not to send it, since it was against the laws, at least according to his own opinion. In order to find out if this was true, SD decided to have the case tried. If nothing is against the law, SD probably intends to bring an action against TV4 for breach of the contract.

The aim of not accepting the film clip was of course to prevent the spreading of SD’s policy. Unfortunately the result was the opposite. Now almost 500.000 people have watched the clip on the Internet. This cost-free attention of the commercial had probably never been the case if TV4 had decided to broadcast it without obstruction.

Anyway, if it was the threat of being sued for damages, that made TV4 accept the clip – indeed after a few changes – is not known, but SD’s countermove proved to be ingenious. They intend to use the same film clip, but have inserted the text: “censored by TV4” when the “displeasing” part of the clip starts. Here there were no objections to the neologism “immigration brake” (see below).

“Censored by TV4. Se the uncensored film on www.sverigedemokraterna.se” (Click here if you want to see the censored version.)

The film has been broadcast both in Danish and Norwegian television. Particularly Danish politicians, but also a Norwegian one, have this last week stated that the freedom of speech is in danger in Sweden and that the Swedish election campaign is undemocratic. Not very surprisingly, the Swedish prime minister, Fredrik Reinfeldt, and Mona Sahlin, the party leader of the Socialdemocrats make the following comment on the Danish statements:

This is very difficult to understand if you follow the Swedish election campaign (Reinfeldt)

It is not serious, we have a fully democratic election in Sweden, and I am proud of the fact that the country’s politicians and authorities can distinguish between freedom of speech and incitement to racial hatred […] we have never had a debate where you blame a whole group for all the problems, and I never want Sweden to end up there. We are more mature. (Sahlin)

Is anyone surprised at these denials, when the persons who are responsible for the censoring, in cahoots with the media, in no way suffer from it?

It should be observed that even SD’s radio commercial has been rejected. The reason is that the word “immigrant brake” is alleged to be too “pointed”! The word “pension brake” has become established in the Swedish media, after the fact that the pensions have been reduced for the second year in a row, since they are tied to the fluctuations of the stock markets. But to introduce the word “migration brake” on analogy of the former expression is frowned on in the country, which today is a modern and fully implemented version of the country depicted in the novel 1984 by George Orwell.

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