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On Sunday 18 September it is time for Sweden’s election, an election that will be the most important in Sweden ever. This time, it is not only a question of getting a party critical of the immigration policy into the parliament, but also a question if reintroducing freedom of speech in Sweden. I will now depict the dirtiest Swedish electoral campaign in my long life.

Ever since this campaign started, the party the Sweden Democrats have been neglected. No other party wants to discuss the factual matters with the SD. As I have related earlier on this blog, this party criticizes Sweden’s immigration policy, which is massive compared to all the other European countries. There are of course other important issues on the SD agenda as well, but the party is always depicted as a one-question party in the media.

About a month ago, all the inhibitions were let free in the Swedish media. There are any of us that have suspected them for having a cultural Marxist agenda of their own. Now they couldn’t help unmasking it. Each and every day, we have been fed with defamatory “news” of the SD. The Swedish TV channels have competed by delivering the most negative piece of news. The same could be seen in the newspapers. Even to convey downright lies in every newspaper for 30 days up to the election has been a normal state.

A flagrant example is when the Swedish Television (SVT) sends a report from a village named Floda. After having read this name backwards, the reporter visits an SD candidate and asks him if he knows what Floda is backwards. The insinuation is apparent.

Here is a small list of “news” these last few weeks:
· The trade union Transport excludes one of its members that is a candidate for the SD
· Swedish immigrants are on strike for 5 minutes one day against the SD
· An SD politician is pilloried because of being violent (reality: he tried to defend himself)
· An expert on political science informs how to prevent the SD from having any future influence in the parliament
· The knife-gashed SD politician has staged the story himself
· A list of SD people that have been sentenced for a crime is published (but the worst crime seems to be a study loan debt of 100 euros)
· The Prime minister warns people that a vote for the SD is dangerous for the country
· A list of the 20 first SD names on the ballot paper is published and something negative is stated about each person
· The SD leader is depicted in a long article as a dangerous man
· A professor of ethics proposes tactical voting against the SD in the parliament
· The SD are accused of having its roots among Nazi people
· The SD are alleged to profit from the martyrdom
· The Swedish Television’s evening news 6 Sept. shows the film clip from the film der Untergang where the text has been changed so as to describe the SD as Nazis.

This was just a small sample and the list is far longer than this. Every day started by switching on the TV to see what kind of hatred was going to be broadcast on the TV news that very day, and to look see what malevolent articles were to be found in the morning papers that very morning.

The most interesting thing, though, is that the factual matters have NEVER ONCE been discussed, debated or described. The purpose is to prevent us from discussing Sweden’s immigration policy or Sweden’s escalating crime statistics. Apparently we are not allowed to discuss this issue in Sweden.

Now, let’s look at what has actually happened outside the media:
· The SD TV commercial was censored, the radio commercial was stopped and the newspaper ad was stopped in certain newspapers.
· Many polling huts were vandalized· Election meetings were sabotaged and interrupted (in Stockholm, Malmo and Gothenburg)· Even active politicians from other parties have been spotted on photos in the disturbances of the meetings here, here and here, an action that is unlawful.
· Many election meetings have been cancelled (in Norrköping, Eskilstuna (filmclip) and Karlstad) because of the security risk; the police could not guarantee the party members sufficient security.
· Even listeners at the meeting in Malmo and Stockholm have been harassed.
· Female SD candidate threatened.
· SD candidate gets his two cars vandalized.
· A former SD politician in Mariestad was attacked by the AFA; a damaged car, stones of a fist-s size thrown into the house, threats sprayed on the wall of the house.
· The SD were excluded from the final party leader debate on TV in spite of the fact that the party is the third biggest one in a majority of the opinion surveys lately.
· Election workers attacked in several places and surrounded so as not to be able to hand out voting material (Malmo, Gothenburg).

David von Arnold

· After the open-air meeting in Malmo last Monday, an SD party worker, David von Arnold, was attacked in his home by two masked men, tortured with a knife and got a swastika scratched on his forehead, robbed of his computer and money, and his front door sprayed with political insults (bild på Arnold), (N.B! the only more serious political crimes so far have been the murders of Olof Palme and Anna Lind).
· The hate campaign was crowned after this foul deed by a statement of our prime minister in which he said that people with this opinion should not be surprised if these things happen.
· A threatening immigrant gang of youths forced their way up to a person behind the voting screen (it has been possible to vote in advance) and shouted that they would check if he voted for the SD.
· David von Arnold is accused of having schratched the swastika himself on his forehead.
· Today, the day before the election, the website of the SD was hacked.

There is no doubt that all this trouble has been caused by the media, which have urged people over and over again with their spiteful campaigns and there is no confidence whatsoever left for the journalists. Politicians can be exchanged in elections, but how do we get rid of our journalists? They are not held responsible for the result of their texts or news features.

The poll ratings of the SD have increased all the time in spite of the prevailing media climate. This explains probably the panic among the politicians and the media, a panic that has made them lose all their senses of proportions.

The blogosphere has become a guerrilla movement for freedom of speech, and the SD has become the party on which the advocates of freedom of speech set their hope. A vote for the SD is a protest against Europe’s last state of suppression of free opinion.

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In my former blog post, I wrote about the fact that Stellan Bojerud and his colleagues in the Sweden Party had to use coded messages and change places in order to mislead the groups that are pursuing members of this young party, aiming at seats in the Swedish parliament according to several public opinion polls lately.

This is not a unique situation for Stellan Bojerud just because he and his party members live in the neighbourhood of Stockholm. Here I will give you examples that many more persons have been seriously harassed and attacked because of their membership and political work in the very same party.

First, I will describe the groups of people who keep on harassing these politicians by making them victims of attempts in order to sabotage their political work. The perpetrators adhere to an organisation called AFA, which stands for Anti Fascist Action (Antifascistisk Aktion), founded in 1993. This is an extreme leftist organisation and in spite of the name, where they pretend to fight against fascism, they are a flagrant example of fascism themselves.

AFA documents and even brags about its sabotaging the election process at several places. The last weeks before the election in 2006, they systematically removed the SD’s election posters from the streets. They systematically removed the SD’s election propaganda from libraries. They even took out the party’s election of people’s mail boxes. The election candiates of the SD were sent personal threatening letters to withdraw from the elections, and some actually withdrew because they couldn’t stand the pressure. Here they have even made lists of the politicians to harass with names, adresses and social security number.

The most serious thing, i.e. a flagrant example of undermining democracy, is that they systematically removed all the voting ballots from the polling-booths, both on the day of the election and before. This last move has even caused the Danish member of the EU parliament Morten Messerschmidt to request that the EU sends election observers to Sweden during the election in September. He says:

“I do not want to discredit the general commitment to democracy in Sweden. But now the picture of Sweden’s way to handle smaller parties – and especially parties critical of the immigration policy – to become so blurry, ambiguous and surrounded by rumors that it must be in Sweden’s best interest to get the system checked by independent observers.”

More to mention and just as horrid is that stones have been thrown through windows of the SD members by AFA activists. Axes have been planted in some of the SD members’ doors. Personal threats have been spray-painted outside their houses or apartments. Last summer the party’s press officer and his partner were brutally knocked down by a group of 20 persons. During the attack the perpertrators were shouting political insults.

This and much more is posted openly and possible to read in the links on their website. No criminal investigation has been done. The police remain passive. During the SD’s open-air meetings the police don’t intervene more than necessarily. On one occasion the police didn’t even prevent bloodshed. This passiveness is also characterizing the press, that stands back with its criticism.

One daily newspaper, The Gothenburg Post (Göterborgs-Posten), has examined the violence of the extreme left, though. Out of 180 cases in western Sweden that the newspaper has examined, the police and the public prosecutor have only succeeded to bind someone to the crime on one single occasion.

Given this background, it would be very interesting to know if the Swedish elections would be accepted as democratic by independent international observers.

N.B! Extra link inserted 11 February. This is a link of a list of all the crimes and harassments committed against memebers of the Sweden Democrats in recent years. The link is only in Swedish, though.

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Dear Readers,
I hereby write my first blog post on this blog. Since the day I decided to start writing here and inform the world outside Sweden on Sweden’s situation, I have been tongue-tied, or rather hand-tied. There are so many things to comment here in Sweden, so much to reveal that shows that our democracy is in serious danger. I myself woke up completely as late as this autumn. I had felt the suffocating discussion climate for a long time in media and society, but after starting to find information on my own online, I have woken up brusquely.

I have read a lot information from blogs around the world, I have found that the debate climate is tight in other western European countries as well, but in Sweden there is something particular, like a damp blanket all over the society, particularly regarding certain issues. But there is ONE issue that is absolutely forbidden to discuss, unless you have the “correct” opinion, and that is the immigration policy. Here Sweden still has the climate of former East Germany.

In Sweden, there are seven different parties in the parliament, but they all represent the same opinion on immigration. At the same time they defame the biggest party outside the parliament that has another opinion on the immigration policy.  In other words and according to the parties in the parliament, there is no real possibility for the voters to impact this increasingly important issue.

In September, we will have our parliamentary election and it will be interesting to se and follow the election campaign up to the election and see how the “politically correct” parties will tackle this issue.

This was a brief start and until next time, I will take the temperature of Sweden.

PS If you have any questions on Sweden in this regard, I might be able to answer them. He who lives will see   🙂

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