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On Tuesday 12 October it was time to open the Swedish parliamentary session for the year. It was a particular opening day, since Sweden had had an election and a new party had been elected to the parliament, the Sweden Democrats.

The opening ceremony started in the church with a sermon held by the bishop Eva Brunne, who, at the end of her sermon, made the majority of the SD-members leave the church, something that has never happened before. The bishop seized the opportunity to stage a deliberate provocation. In the form of a sermon she delivered a politically left-wing manifesto barely disguised in religion. She could have chosen to emphasize understanding, collaboration and good will instead of the abysmal hate and distrustfulness that have appeared during the election campaign. But behind a mask of false goodness she chose to incite to further political hate. The controversial part of the sermon was:

Yesterday many thousands of people gathered in Stockholm and in other parts of the country in order to state their opinion. Call out their loathing for that which makes difference between people. The racism that says that you are not worth as much as I am. You shall not have the same rights as I have. You are not worthy of a life in freedom. And this because of just one thing – that we happen to have been born in different parts of our world. This is not worthy a democracy like ours to make difference between people. It is not possible for believing people to make difference between people. It is not worthy people to make difference between people. It is not enough to give some hundred people the mandate to represent us. Here we have a joint mission. And if anyone fall silent or is silenced in the fight for human dignity, we must see to it that even the stones shout. We do it assisted by God.

Why was this an offence? The day before, Monday 11 October, there was a manifestation in Stockholm against the SD in which the bishop participated. It was arranged by several extreme left-wing groups among others the AFA (Antifa), who for years have harassed and even tried to murder SD members. In this demonstration, there were manifestations against the SD that were not on the level, among others according to the Liberal Party MP Johan Persson, who had witnessed the manifestation and said that it was “disgusting” and that there were placards that were absolutely beneath contempt.

The left-wing party leader Lars Ohly was one of the main speakers. He delivered a speech in which he said that “the Sweden Democrats must leave the country”. The shouting

Bishop Brunne

participants conveyed similar messages in choir. Eggs were thrown at policemen. The security police forbade the SD members to go out during the demonstration, since the atmosphere was judged to be too threatening and dangerous. The bishop also participated. She vindicated that she was there for just 20 minutes and that she did not observe anything negative.

To pronounce the first phrase above was thus a mean way of insulting the SD PMs. To say that “stones must shout” is a biblical way of sanctioning violence (stone-throwing) at SD voters. A crosier does not automatically entail any particular understanding of politics, or even of morality out of the ordinary. That is what bishop Eva Brunne now have proved.

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On Sunday 18 September it is time for Sweden’s election, an election that will be the most important in Sweden ever. This time, it is not only a question of getting a party critical of the immigration policy into the parliament, but also a question if reintroducing freedom of speech in Sweden. I will now depict the dirtiest Swedish electoral campaign in my long life.

Ever since this campaign started, the party the Sweden Democrats have been neglected. No other party wants to discuss the factual matters with the SD. As I have related earlier on this blog, this party criticizes Sweden’s immigration policy, which is massive compared to all the other European countries. There are of course other important issues on the SD agenda as well, but the party is always depicted as a one-question party in the media.

About a month ago, all the inhibitions were let free in the Swedish media. There are any of us that have suspected them for having a cultural Marxist agenda of their own. Now they couldn’t help unmasking it. Each and every day, we have been fed with defamatory “news” of the SD. The Swedish TV channels have competed by delivering the most negative piece of news. The same could be seen in the newspapers. Even to convey downright lies in every newspaper for 30 days up to the election has been a normal state.

A flagrant example is when the Swedish Television (SVT) sends a report from a village named Floda. After having read this name backwards, the reporter visits an SD candidate and asks him if he knows what Floda is backwards. The insinuation is apparent.

Here is a small list of “news” these last few weeks:
· The trade union Transport excludes one of its members that is a candidate for the SD
· Swedish immigrants are on strike for 5 minutes one day against the SD
· An SD politician is pilloried because of being violent (reality: he tried to defend himself)
· An expert on political science informs how to prevent the SD from having any future influence in the parliament
· The knife-gashed SD politician has staged the story himself
· A list of SD people that have been sentenced for a crime is published (but the worst crime seems to be a study loan debt of 100 euros)
· The Prime minister warns people that a vote for the SD is dangerous for the country
· A list of the 20 first SD names on the ballot paper is published and something negative is stated about each person
· The SD leader is depicted in a long article as a dangerous man
· A professor of ethics proposes tactical voting against the SD in the parliament
· The SD are accused of having its roots among Nazi people
· The SD are alleged to profit from the martyrdom
· The Swedish Television’s evening news 6 Sept. shows the film clip from the film der Untergang where the text has been changed so as to describe the SD as Nazis.

This was just a small sample and the list is far longer than this. Every day started by switching on the TV to see what kind of hatred was going to be broadcast on the TV news that very day, and to look see what malevolent articles were to be found in the morning papers that very morning.

The most interesting thing, though, is that the factual matters have NEVER ONCE been discussed, debated or described. The purpose is to prevent us from discussing Sweden’s immigration policy or Sweden’s escalating crime statistics. Apparently we are not allowed to discuss this issue in Sweden.

Now, let’s look at what has actually happened outside the media:
· The SD TV commercial was censored, the radio commercial was stopped and the newspaper ad was stopped in certain newspapers.
· Many polling huts were vandalized· Election meetings were sabotaged and interrupted (in Stockholm, Malmo and Gothenburg)· Even active politicians from other parties have been spotted on photos in the disturbances of the meetings here, here and here, an action that is unlawful.
· Many election meetings have been cancelled (in Norrköping, Eskilstuna (filmclip) and Karlstad) because of the security risk; the police could not guarantee the party members sufficient security.
· Even listeners at the meeting in Malmo and Stockholm have been harassed.
· Female SD candidate threatened.
· SD candidate gets his two cars vandalized.
· A former SD politician in Mariestad was attacked by the AFA; a damaged car, stones of a fist-s size thrown into the house, threats sprayed on the wall of the house.
· The SD were excluded from the final party leader debate on TV in spite of the fact that the party is the third biggest one in a majority of the opinion surveys lately.
· Election workers attacked in several places and surrounded so as not to be able to hand out voting material (Malmo, Gothenburg).

David von Arnold

· After the open-air meeting in Malmo last Monday, an SD party worker, David von Arnold, was attacked in his home by two masked men, tortured with a knife and got a swastika scratched on his forehead, robbed of his computer and money, and his front door sprayed with political insults (bild på Arnold), (N.B! the only more serious political crimes so far have been the murders of Olof Palme and Anna Lind).
· The hate campaign was crowned after this foul deed by a statement of our prime minister in which he said that people with this opinion should not be surprised if these things happen.
· A threatening immigrant gang of youths forced their way up to a person behind the voting screen (it has been possible to vote in advance) and shouted that they would check if he voted for the SD.
· David von Arnold is accused of having schratched the swastika himself on his forehead.
· Today, the day before the election, the website of the SD was hacked.

There is no doubt that all this trouble has been caused by the media, which have urged people over and over again with their spiteful campaigns and there is no confidence whatsoever left for the journalists. Politicians can be exchanged in elections, but how do we get rid of our journalists? They are not held responsible for the result of their texts or news features.

The poll ratings of the SD have increased all the time in spite of the prevailing media climate. This explains probably the panic among the politicians and the media, a panic that has made them lose all their senses of proportions.

The blogosphere has become a guerrilla movement for freedom of speech, and the SD has become the party on which the advocates of freedom of speech set their hope. A vote for the SD is a protest against Europe’s last state of suppression of free opinion.

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