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As planned – and feared by those who are familiar with the content – the new Swedish constitution was passed in the Swedish parliament yesterday. Only the 20 Sweden Democrats voted against and 21 MPs abstained from voting. Even many MPs downright negative to it (from the Left Party and the Environmental Party) voted for, just in order not to vote in the same way as the commonly mocked Sweden Democrats. This far have Swedish politics declined in our parliament.

Swedish media have acted as if they were blindfolded. Have they written anything whatsoever about it, it has been praise for those small positive pieces that could be sorted out. But mostly nothing at all has been reported. I have written about this proposed bill before, but a conclusion of the three most important items is as follows:

Membership in the EU is from now constitutional. A withdrawal will imply yet another change of the constitution, which is more complicated and takes longer time (one voting before and one voting after a general election).

The multiculturalism is from now constitutional. It is now imperative to financially support ethnic, cultural and religious groups with the taxpayers’ money. A disastrous policy is cemented.

The significance of the Swedish citizenship is undermined when foreigners are broadly placed on an equal footing with Swedish citizens and thus enjoy the same rights. On top of this there will no longer be any insistence on Swedish citizenship for positions of sensible nature, which implies that foreigners are allowed to have the positions that are structurally important for the society.

The only existing Swedish journalist that publishes critical texts of the regime, and therefore has to write under the pseudonym of Julia Caesar, in spite of the fact that she is an experienced and well-renowned journalist with several published books, has commented on this:

It feels like a long and evil nightmare that you just wish to wake up from. This just cannot be true!

Read her chronicle on the constitutional amendment here. Translate it into English with Google translate.  One of her earlier chronicles addressed to our PM Fredrik Reinfeldt has been translated into English and is to be found here.

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Most people have probably heard about the artist Lars Vilkslecture in May, which was suspended after several Muslim attendants had physically attacked Vilks. The video clips on You Tube were shown on several TV channels around the world. Since then, two young Muslim men also have been convicted for arson on Vilks’ home.

In October, the University of Uppsala decided to carry through the lecture. This time there were 130 policemen and 50 watchmen. A helicopter was hovering above the site. The audience had to pass the same kind of security check that must be passed at an airport. Four persons were taken away before the lecture could start. This film clip can give a hint on the extent of the security measures (only in Swedish, though). A policeman held an introductory warning:

The police will film the audience. Loud-voiced attendants and questioners will be sent out and the police intend to report it under penalty of a fine or prison for 6 months. For those who will have to go to the bathroom, they also will have to pass the security control once again. Those who leave the premises and go out will not be allowed to enter again.

The lecture should have started at 2 p.m. but because of the extensive safety controls, it started 65 minutes later. It was held without incidents. The guard cost Swedish taxpayers 800,000 SEK (86,000 EUR or 118,143 USD) and was as large-scale as when the pope visited Sweden last time.

Why do I write this now, a month after the lecture took place? I want to show you the proportions of the security measures taken, and thus the costs associated with free speech in Sweden nowadays. I also want to show to what extent free speech is threatened, thanks to our politicians’ vision of the delightful multicultural society, any criticism of which is not allowed whatsoever. Just pay and smile!


The imam in Uppsala commented the lecture:

I don’t understand why and it is sad that such a big and well-known seat of learning kindles conflicts between people.

Vilks comments this on his blog:

In other words, freedom of speech should have an exception for Islam, a religion that is particularly sacrosanct. If you challenge it you create conflicts between people. And the imam is not alone having this opinion. On his side there is a left-wing that seems to have exchanged Marx for Mohammed.

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On December 10 the yearly ceremonial Nobel banquet is held in the Stockholm city hall. It is broadcast in full length in Sweden and watched by 1 million viewers. This year the board of the Nobel Foundation has, after a meeting, come to a historical decision. One of the 8 Swedish party leaders, Jimmie Akesson (leader of the Sweden Democrats) will not be invited. Normally all the party leaders are invited, so this is a new approach, i.e. to read political values into the will of Alfred Nobel.

The following words in the will:

It is my express wish that in awarding the prizes no consideration whatever shall be given to the nationality of the candidates, but that the most worthy shall receive the prize, whether he be a Scandinavian or not.

The chairman of the Nobel board, Michael Sohlman, interprets the word “nationality” in his own way and says that it is not compatible with Jimmie Åkesson’s values and hence excludes him from the banquet. Sohlman states that the banquet is a private party, so they can decide themselves which ones to invite.

As regards nationalism, Sohlman seems to have forgotten that the regulations themselves are particularly nationalistic. The board must only consist of Swedes and Norwegians. So what else could then be behind this spiteful interpretation of the will?

To begin with, Sohlman is a former Socialdemocrat. He was part of the Sociademocrats’ parliamentary party and has been State Secretary in several social democratic governments. Since the leader of the Socialdemocrats, Mona Sahlin, during the election campaign stated that she wouldn’t event touch Jimmie Åkesson with a pair of tongs, she set the agenda of how to treat the Sweden Democrats.

During the Stockholm Pride Parade, the political parties were invited to a panel debate. But the then parliamentary parties issued an ultimatum: “If Jimmie Åkesson will come, we refuse to come”. Consequently, Jimmie Åkesson was forbidden to participate. Who knows what ultimatum our prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt has issued this time?

It would also be interesting to know if the leader of the Norwegian Progress Party Siv Jensen is invited to the Nobel Peace Prize banquet in Norway.

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