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Freedom of speech is asserted to be a valued cornerstone in the western countries. Sweden, as well, wants to emphasize that this country is no exception. I will nevertheless show that this freedom is deeply threatened in Sweden. Here I will only mention a few examples, but there are many, many more.

The well established Swedish morning newspaper the Dagens Nyheter does not open its letters to the editor for every Tom, Dick and Harry. But for writers who propose ways of limiting democracy, there does not seem to be any obstacle to getting a text accepted, particularly if you have a title or high examination. Then you can spread your anti-democratic propaganda even without having to feel ashamed. And most people in leading positions will accept it as something completely in order!

The psychoanalyst Thomas Bohm, entangles himself in a discussion on 9 January with the title “The Sweden Democrats are an orthodox minority group”. The party (hereinafter “SD”) is accused of being “Unswedish” and intolerant. But a considerable part of the Swedish inhabitants share the party’s views, so how can they then be “Unswedish” and a minority group? So could these statements be scientific and be well founded? He continues to say: “since we don’t want to be like SD, but consider tolerance as a desirable characteristic, we can let them stay on here”.

Interesting is the way he uses the word “we”, to show that “everyone” has the same opinion as Bohm. How can he know? On the contrary, he is using wishful thinking in a way to propagate for the “correct” opinion. He continues his unscientific nonsense under cover of his academic title.

Another letter to the editor published in the other well renowned morning paper, The Svenska Dagbladet, written by Martin Peterson, associate professor in philosophy proposes that one way to outweigh all the future seats of the SD in the parliament, would be that all the other parties form a group together containing the same number of seats, whose only purpose is to vote against the SD votes. He seriously suggests that the votes of thousands of Swedish voters would be outmanoeuvred. He shows no moral doubts whatsoever about the fact that he is talking about a way to undermine democracy!

An association called “The Geatish Association” (Götiska förbundet) is a fellowship established in 1815 and the Swedish king Carl XVI Gustav is the fellowship’s protector. It is a democratic association, is open for all Swedish citizens and is against discrimination. On 8 January GA excludes two of its members because they are members of SD. The excluded persons are alleged to harm GA because they adhere to the Sweden Democrats.

Stellan Bojerud is a retired army officer and a military historian. He has been active in the party the Moderaterna (the Moderates, that form a part of today’s government) and has participated in Swedish radio and television and is renowned for much more. In 2009, he was disappointed at the Moderates’ defence policy, left the Moderates and joined SD.

He describes on his blog how his life changed after this switch of parties. He was fired from his job at Historical Media. An old friend broke off their friendship, but more people came and shook his hand in secret. They said that they didn’t dare to it show openly. When he and his party mates meet they have to do it at secret places, use code words in SMS and coded phone calls because of the threats of the left extremists in AFA (Anti Fascist Action, a militant group using violence).

Stellan and his party mates live like a resistance movement in an occupied country. But as he says: “we are not occupied by a foreign enemy, but by Swedes who support foreign interests (extreme Islamism). Quislings of the Swedish people”. All his articles, formerly inserted in the all the large Swedish newspapers, are now rejected. Not even the local newspaper accepted his reply to an attack filled with made up accusations.

N.B! There are many more people who have been dismissed from their jobs and who are bullied just because they are members of the SD.

In the suppression of free opinion and contempt of democracy that characterize today’s Sweden there is an underlying “terror”, that supports and preserves the folly. If you don’t keep to the accepted opinion, you are immediately bullied out of the community. This is the reason the misgovernment can continue. It is worse to admit that you intends to vote for SD than revealing that you are homosexual.

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