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Immigration is the most infected subject in Sweden at the moment. It is not enough to be neutral to our mass immigration (more than 100 000 immigrants in 2009), you need to be positive and even love it (according to the leader of the Social Democrat Party Mona Sahlin: “We must love the multicultural society”).

Even though her party is not in power at the moment, this mantra is prevailing in Sweden. Now I will show one example of the propaganda and the opinion that is – completely overt – published i Swedish media.

In the state-owned radio channel 1, there is a programme called The World of Knowledge (Vetandets värld), that always has been renowned for a scientific and serious angle of approach. But on 5 January 2010, the subject matter is Talk or Keep Silent on Xenophobia. The programme’s reputation sinks as a stone. Why? The programme shows an awkwardly low level, when persons from the Left Party’s youth league and Mikael Hjelm, a researcher at the Sociological Institute at Umeå University, are allowed to make incorrect and misleading statements about the party the Sweden Democrats. The conclusions about on why certain groups are more negative to immigration halt seriously and more resemble a job ordered from the political correct politicians in the parliament.

During the 19 minutes’ long programme, the Sweden Democrats are mentioned 16 times but no one from the party is allowed to be present and comment on the conclusions. The word xenophobe/xenophobic is mentioned no less than 43 times. It is grave when the state employs someone who does not share the democratic values, i.e. someone that does not respect that people hold and state different opinions. They set up that working class people are more xenophobic than people with academic exams. But they cannot draw the conclusion that working class people have to live in the same suburbs as the immigrants and by that experience the negative sides of the multicultural project. University-trained people have enough money to buy houses in other area. It has nothing with the level of education to do.

They draw the conclusion that people in Sweden have a higher level of education than Sweden’s neighbouring countries, where xenophobia is much more widespread. This is actually what the allege, insolently enough.

I intend to show you more flagrant examples of this phenomenon in my next blog posts.

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