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Most people have probably heard about the artist Lars Vilkslecture in May, which was suspended after several Muslim attendants had physically attacked Vilks. The video clips on You Tube were shown on several TV channels around the world. Since then, two young Muslim men also have been convicted for arson on Vilks’ home.

In October, the University of Uppsala decided to carry through the lecture. This time there were 130 policemen and 50 watchmen. A helicopter was hovering above the site. The audience had to pass the same kind of security check that must be passed at an airport. Four persons were taken away before the lecture could start. This film clip can give a hint on the extent of the security measures (only in Swedish, though). A policeman held an introductory warning:

The police will film the audience. Loud-voiced attendants and questioners will be sent out and the police intend to report it under penalty of a fine or prison for 6 months. For those who will have to go to the bathroom, they also will have to pass the security control once again. Those who leave the premises and go out will not be allowed to enter again.

The lecture should have started at 2 p.m. but because of the extensive safety controls, it started 65 minutes later. It was held without incidents. The guard cost Swedish taxpayers 800,000 SEK (86,000 EUR or 118,143 USD) and was as large-scale as when the pope visited Sweden last time.

Why do I write this now, a month after the lecture took place? I want to show you the proportions of the security measures taken, and thus the costs associated with free speech in Sweden nowadays. I also want to show to what extent free speech is threatened, thanks to our politicians’ vision of the delightful multicultural society, any criticism of which is not allowed whatsoever. Just pay and smile!


The imam in Uppsala commented the lecture:

I don’t understand why and it is sad that such a big and well-known seat of learning kindles conflicts between people.

Vilks comments this on his blog:

In other words, freedom of speech should have an exception for Islam, a religion that is particularly sacrosanct. If you challenge it you create conflicts between people. And the imam is not alone having this opinion. On his side there is a left-wing that seems to have exchanged Marx for Mohammed.

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Yesterday afternoon, the Swedish artist Lars Vilks, was going to give a lecture at the University of Uppsala on freedom of speech in modern art. Vilks became known in 2007 for his Mohammed caricatures in form of a ”roundabout dog”, something that rendered him a fatwa. Now he is living under the constant supervision of the security police.

Here is a link to a film clip of the second part of the lecture, but on the same YouTube page, you will find more clips from the very attack.

Yesterday’s lecture had, apart from the ordinary audience, gathered a group of about 40 Muslims. When Vilks starts showing a piece of art on homosexuality among Muslims by another artist, he is bodily attacked by one of the Muslims and the total disorder is a fact. The police are attacked as well. Vilks is not severely injured, but is taken to hospital. But he was attacked once again outside the hospital. Today his site was hijacked.

When one of the policemen announces that the lecture is cancelled, the Muslims start shouting ”we succeeded in stopping him”. The attack was thus planned in advance, something that is proved by their conversations on Facebook here and here. There they also discuss the murder of Vilks.

This was an apparent attack on our freedom of speech and consequently on democracy. We can probably also forget about getting support from the secular Muslims. Even though they exist, they will neither be able to, nor have the guts to take sides against the medieval, undemocratic mob. It will be interesting to see if Swedish media will mitigate the attack (something they always do when immigrants are the perpetrators), or if they will adhere to their new policy, to ignore it completely and thus conceal it from the Swedish people.

The interesting thing is that everything that takes place in Sweden when immigrants are involved, is always being depicted by the media as an occasional and isolated occurrence: the murder in Landskrona, all the rapes, all rioting demonstrations against Israel, scandalous incidents committed by ”refugee children”, insurance frauds, unreliable employers with illegal labour, immigrants’ mendicancy, robberies and brutal attacks on Swedes. Even Muslim representatives’ and Muslim politicians’ claims for special treatment of Muslims is being described as ”not representative” för the majority of the Muslims. And all of the above incidents increase all the time.

Despite the propaganda, it is nowadays difficult to see them as isolated occurrences. Instead it is an adaptation to chaos. The same chaos that most of the immigrant Muslims are used to live in. It is strange that only one political party has realized this. It has nothing to do with unemployment. It has nothing to do with social exclusion. This is the costly price we are forced to pay for the multicultural society. The gradual adjustment to Islam.

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