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During the week-end of the 1 of May, the Palestine former aircraft hijacker Leila Khaled, the pioneer of the Communist terrorist organization PFLP, got entry permit to Sweden. In 2004 she was denied entry to Sweden, though, after having been invited to a Palestine conference organized by a revolutionary communist youth group.

In 1969 she participated in an aircraft hijacking of TWA 840 from Rome to Athens. She participated in yet another hijacking in 1970 of an aircraft from Amsterdam to New York. Her companion was killed. She was caught at Heathrow. In October in the same year she was set free in a prisoner exchange.

Now she was invited in order to participate in a May-Day speech in Stockholm before the Syndicalists and a lecture at the state-subsidized art gallery C. Other invitors are the Workers’ Educational Association (ABF), the Left Party, the Communist Party (former KPMLr) and the Feminist Cultural Left-wing gropup MFK (Malmö Fria Kvinnouniversitet). According to the Swedish EU member of parliament Cecilia Wikström, the whole project, the air ticket and the hotel costs were paid by Stockholm town district and Stockholm county council and the state-owned art authority Iaspis, and thus by the Swedish tax payers.

That this is possible is due to the terrorist passion that is upheld in certain leading groups (that are collecting large State subsidies) in Sweden, one of which is the cultural page of the tabloid Aftonbladet (the newspaper owned by the Social democrats and the Swedish Trade Union Confederation, LO). There, Ulrika Stahre describes Khaled as “a living legend […] of the kind you cannot believe is still alive; perhaps even an icon – photos of her from the late sixties are classical”.

So why was this convicted PFLP-activist, still on the EU list of terrorists (click here for a list of PFLP attacks in Swedish), given an entry permit by the Swedish non-socialist government?


Listen to her speech here. A short summary:

“Working class (10 times) … bla bla bla occupation (6 times) …bla bla bla… imperialists … bla bla bla   ….workers (8 times) …bla bla

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