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On the 24 November the Swedish caricaturist Lars Vilks was threatened again. A Somali man representing the Al-Shabaab covered in a Palestinian scarf gives expression to a number of threats. You can watch the filmclip by downloading it here.

Part of the speech and comments from the blog Ojihad:

Abu Zaid“, a militant from Sweden, is giving a statement standing in what seems to be an empty football stadium. Speaking in Swedish to the Muslims of Sweden, the masked militant says: “And I also encourage you to make hijrah to this country.“ He then goes on and threatens the Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks who drew some caricatures of the prophet Muhammad and received numerous death threats since. The Somali foreign fighter says: “I want to send this warning to Lars Vilks who was behind the caricatures defaming our prophet. And I say to Lars Vilks that wherever you are, if not today or tomorrow, know that we haven´t yet forgotten about you and we will get hold of you and with Allah´s permission we will get you wherever you are and in whatever hole you are hiding know what awaits for you, as it will be nothing but this: slaughter!“ To his Muslim brothers and sisters “Abu Zaid“ says: “If you can kill this dog called Lars Vilks then you will receive a great reward from Allah!

Now, why do I write this a couple of weeks after the threat has been revealed? Well, what strikes me most is that this Jihdist is conveying his message in high-sounding Swedish. No question that he once hasenjoyed the benevolent and generous subsidies from the Swedish state by living here as one of all the (false?) asylum refugees. He has attended the free Swedish education “Swedish for immigrants” for a long time. How should he otherwise be able to speak such a fluent and good Swedish?

He has also been able to, probably without the burden of being forced to perform any kind of job, spend his time deepen his knowledge of the Jihadist movement, strengthen his network and recruit other “warriors” as well.

My attendant question is if this is his way of expressing his gratitude to the Swedish benevolence? To the Swedish taxpayers? Sweden has apparently nourished a viper in its bosom. And I fear that it is not the only one.

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