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This is a piece of additional information of my blog post on Sharia laws in Sweden. I have been surprised that no media, i.e. no newspaper and no TV channel, have reacted or at least reported on this thesis, since it involves a fundamental change of the basis of the Swedish cornerstone: everyone is equal before the law.

Today a Swedish debater and journalist, Dilsa Demibag-Sten, has a long article in the Svenska Dagbladet called “Legal Contempt in the Name of Multiculture“. One of her standpoints is that we must stop treating people as a part of a group, and instead begin seeing them as individuals, something that I pointed out in my Swedish blog post on the book “Ayatollan“.

It will be very interesting to see if Dilsa, with her non-Swedish ethnical background, (in fact the only persons in Sweden that are allowed to criticize these kind of issues without being condemned) can be the person that removes the stopper in the debate in Sweden on mass immigration and our multicultural society.

A change of the debate climate is absolutely necessary. First of all the debate must be accepted, and then carried out in a way so that people won’t be insulted as soon as they dare to present something that resembles some kind of evaluation or assessment of the multicultural policy that is pursued in Sweden.

Let’s hope that Dilsa is the person that causes the die to be cast!

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