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Last year 5 937 rapes were reported in Sweden. This is an increase with 9 per cent from 2008. The number of reported sex crimes was 15 693, also an increase from 2008 with 9 per cent. Even the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention (Brottsförebyggande rådet, BRÅ), in popular parlance called Council for Crime Denial, states that only 5-10 per cent of rapes that are committed are reported to the police. The actual figure is thus at least 60 000 rapes per year on Swedish girls and women. This gives us 5 000 rapes every month. Slightly more than 164 rapes per day.

This is a true story about one of many thousands cases. The victim is a twelve-year-old girl. But it is not the girl that gets the protection of the authorities. It is the perpetrators who are protected and escape and therefore can repeat their crime – against the same girl. It is a story that is appalling. But it is true. This is how it is when Swedish politicians and authorities sacrifice tens of thousands girls and women on the bloodstained altar of multiculture. They think perhaps that is a low price to pay for the immigration policy that seems to go wide of the mark – impossible to reconsider.

A twelve year old Swedish girl is pulled into the bushes, in November last year, by four to six foreign asylum seeking boys in the age of 15. There, the girl is raped, beaten, threatened to life and forced to oral sex. People hear that something is wrong, and presumably many people see what is happening as well, but few dare to step in. Someone has the presence of mind to call the crucial telephone number 112. The police arrive and they make report themselves, as the girl does not dare.

This happens to the girl: A police interrogation is held and there is a visit to the doctor.
The doctor’s stated opinion: consummated rape was not possible to prove since the girl was hysterical in the gynaecological chair, whenever someone came close to her genitals, but DNA was secured, and various other injuries on her body that prove the assault. This is a very abusive treatment of a newly raped little girl. Even hard for a grown-up, but this child was horror-struck.

The police’s sentence: interrogation, which means questions about her clothes, if she had not tried to attract the attention of older boys, was she virgin etc.? Yet another assault – now from the police!

The girl is 12 years old!

The boys are reported to the social authorities. The girl is separated from her security, her home and her family, and is sent to a treatment centre for 8 weeks in order to get help to overcome her traumatic experience. Once again: the girl is 12 years old!

The girl goes home and discovers that the boys are out in society as usual. They come in a gang and slap her, beat her and kick her. She is propped up against a wall, pushed into a ditch by two sturdy big brothers. They hurl abuses at her, she is terrorized, pursued and she gets death threats because she has reported them. She has destroyed their honour, so she will die!

Fact: She was not the one who reported. It was the police who did, when they arrived to the scene of the crime. They saw what was going on.

The girl is in fear for her life. She does not dare to stay outdoors alone. It shows that her fear is well founded. One day when she is on her way to a friend the boys notice this. They go up to her, push their way in and rape her again.

This time it is possible to prove. They justify this by saying that she has ruined their honour by reporting them, so now she will be forced to pay back. The next time she won’t get away with just a rape. Now they are only nice. The next time they will take her life!

Now it is the month of March. A few months have passed and what has happened in this case?
Fact: The boys walk around like kings, their friends and relatives laugh derisively at the Swedish authorities that do nothing.

The girl fears for her life. She now stays in her home like a prisoner, day and night. If someone rings the doorbell, she feels the horror – is it the boys who come? She suffers from anxiety hysteria because of these boys. She does not sleep. She has gastritis and migraine, even shows signs of destructive self-injury behaviour, both in action and in thought. But she gets no help.

The girl is 12 years old!!

What will happen now, when the authorities have turned their back on this little Swedish girl and her family, is that the family will split up. The girl’s mother has had enough. She has decided to flee her own town, for the sake of the girl.

Fact: Before November there was a Swedish family in a Swedish town that enjoyed life. The mother went to her job in the morning and the children to the school, like many other people. They felt safe and secure, in their home, in their town, just as it should be.

This family does not exist any longer. It was crushed by a gang of immigrant youths one day in November. These boys are not even punished, because they are already ”injured” boys, asylum seeking refugees.

The girl and her family become refugees in their own country. Everything because of the fear of taking strong measures when these kinds of crimes are committed. In Sweden there is an ostrich-like policy. The fear of the fact that the crimes will awake racist feelings and measures makes these boys roam freely.

Not even the newspapers dare to write about the incident, since it took place in one of the famous million programme suburbs.

In Sweden today a twelve-year-old girl’s life is ruthlessly crushed by a gang of immigrant youths.

In Sweden today there is a gang of immigrant youths walking around with a loathsome view of women and that will commit crimes again.

In Sweden today the authorities turn their back on a twelve-year-old girl.

In Sweden today there is a Swedish family with refugees in their own country.

[The text was published on Facebook in March 2010. The text was written by a friend of the family]

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