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The Swedish “propaganda ministry” Expo warns FinlandDaniel Poohl, the editor in chief of the Expo magazine, published by the organization Expo, has taken the responsibility to explain to Finland how they must behave politically now after the Finnish parliamentary election. Apparently he believes that Sweden is a role model in this respect, which says a lot about what world Poohl lives in. Expo, Sweden’s unofficial propaganda ministry, would have made Goebbels green with envy.

In the aftermath of the Finnish election, Expo has, in a sudden fit of chauvinistically Swedish hubris, taken the responsibility to try and inform the winner, the National Coalition Party’s Jyrki Katainen, how he should handle the electoral success of the True Finns. Expo is used to recommend how to “handle” people’s and parties’ views that are not allowed in Sweden. Subsidized by millions of the tax payers’ money in order to teach the tax payers to hold the correct views in certain political issues, the Expo people are used to dictate the debate and officially condemn those who do not agree. Expo usually speak from a position of authority and address repressed, unhistorical or rather uneducated people, in other words in a rather condescending way. This way of expressing is also to be found in the text addressed to Finland.

To begin with, Poohl warns that there is a “risk” that the True Finns’ nationalistic point of view will spread to the other parties. Very few Finns, though, have the slightest problem with nationalism. Poohl does not understand this. He believes that nationalism is an insult even in normal countries, because he has forgotten what normal countries – nations – are. To take care of each other and not deliberately degrade one’s own inhabitants, has historically been rather okay almost everywhere, and is still so in Finland. Sweden is here the disordered exception, together with some other European countries. The Finnish politicians that follows Poohl’s advice and starts acting hypocritically in the way we can see in the Swedish parliamentary circus can say goodbye to their career and, perhaps more importantly, their posthumous reputation. The Finns know this and Poohl ought to understand it as well.

The erroneous conclusion Poohl makes is of course to believe that the Finns are idiots. Swedes are not indeed idiots at bottom either, but in certain respects we have started to deserve this designation. “Ordinary people” are scared stiff when thinking of saying both what they feel and see every day, “intellectuals” betray their role completely and refrain from criticizing massive unsatisfactory state of things and the theoretical delusions that are behind them.

Finland suffers of course from many western stupidities, from over consumption to the fixation of equality. But to deliberately destroy their own country through uncontrolled, destructive and a for no person favourable immigration – that stupid is not the Finn, and will not become either, even though big brother Sweden’s far most idolized pundits try to put their feet down.

Finland should understand that Sweden, given Sweden’s conditions, has very little to be proud of any longer. This is by the way, among many other reasons, Daniel Poohl to be blamed for.

The aim of Poohl’s letter to Finland is to see to it that the True Finns “are not treated like any other party.” Poohl does not only want to assert, but seems even to believe himself, that the crackbrained Swedish situation, where the most central issues of the epoch, is completely excluded from the debate, and ought to be normative for a “real” country. Adult bullying instead of discussion, mawkish bullshit instead of political analysis and grammatically dubious campaigns in the tabloids instead of responsibility – this is what Poohl wants to offer Finland.

I doubt that the Finns are interested in the offer, though.

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