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I have earlier written about how Swedish media and parliamentary parties’ members always defame the party the Sweden Democrats (hereinafter called SD) (here, here and here) and always connect the party name with the adjective “xenophobic” . The SD is today the biggest party outside the parliament and the prognoses show that the SD will probably reach the number of voters (4% or more) that will open the doors of the parliament to the SD. Let’s see what make the other parties so terrified of this party.

The SD was formed in 1988 and is a democratic and nationalistic party. Up to 2005 it was a fairly marginal movement. The founders and the early prominent figures of the party were to some extent of persons active in nationalist parties and organizations. These historical facts are something that other parties often refer to in order to defame the party. They often forget that their own parties have a lot of deadwood, like for instance the Social Democrats, who nominated Hitler for the Nobel Peace Prize. At least three of the present parties in the parliament formed together the The State Institute for Racial Biology, the first of its kind in the world. So “brown roots”, that the SD often is accused of, are apparently to be found in several parties’ historical facts.

In 1997 the the National Swedish Police Board (Rikspolisstyrelsen) published a handbook, in which they describe that younger activists left the party because it was parliamentary and democratic. The authors were Anna-Lena Lodenius and Per Wikström. In the Daily News (Dagens Nyheter) the head of unit, Margareta Linderoth, stated on 8 May 2002 that the Security Police (SÄPO) was not interested in the SD since it was an accepted political party.

The well-known Nazi-researcher Helene Lööw published in 1998 the book “Nazism in Sweden 1980-1997″. In this book of 526 pages the SD is mentioned in only one case in which party leaders are afraid of being assaulted. “It’s not the immigrants that are after us, but the Nazis”. Helene Lööw has several times stated that the SD is democratic and not racist, not Nazi and not xenophobic. She has among other things stated this in the TV program Studio Ekdal in Axess TV on 30 September 2006 and in a seminar at the University of Karlstad on 7 February 2008. Some other journalists have also stated that the SD is not racist or xenophobic.

The largest inflow of SD members, a veritable explosion, has shown that many new members have belonged to other parties and some of them have been active in more than one party. But the politically correct journalists dedicate their time to scrutinize the SD from 1988. Their continuously repeated mantra is that the SD’s have no other ideology than racism.

It is true that in 1988 the SD had hardly no well thought-out political theory, but during the past 22 years, the movement has ripened and found stable social-conservative values. At the moment, the SD is unfortunately the only party in Sweden that with disease awareness.

Today the mass immigration must be handled. That is why many people are ready to vote for the SD in order to get an thorough change of this immense failure and waste. The parliamentary parties remain silent. They know that the immigration has failes, but if the acknowledge this they also have to take measures, which is impossible in this politically correct society where someone always feels injured if you roll up your sleeves. The parliamentary parties know that what is needed is a deus ex machina that can save the situation, and in the present situation there is only the SD that is willing to take on this responsibility.

A study of th SD’s list of future parliamentary members shows that the SD members come from:

Statistics of party members' former political affiliation

By that the question of where the SD at bottom has its roots is answered.

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