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Lars Vilks, the Swedish artist, controversial in certain circles because of his drawing of Mohammed as a roundabout dog, underwent yet another Muslim attack at a lecture at Uppsala University. On 21 February. Film clips can be watched here and here. Vilks held a lecture on freedom of speech in art. It was the Islamic Culture Society and Karlstad’s Young Muslims that on beforehand had objected to this lecture.

When Vilks showed a picture that was controversial for some of these persons in the audience, this group of them raised and started to scan “Allah akbar” and threw eggs and snowballs at Vilks. The police acted in a very lenient way, which you can see in the video clip. The control of the audience before the lecture was lax, no search of the attendants, according to an eye-witness. No policemen were even standing at the entrance door. Afterwards the public relations officer from Varmland’s police force stated: “We have identified all the persons, but have not yet made up our minds if the event will lead to a report”.

Another eye-witness: ”It was very alarming to see the police that gawky not doing anything with these assailants that assaulted Vilks. After the lecture the Muslims stood completely indifferent. The racist card did its job. One of the Muslims shouted ”you take us because you are a racist” and then the policeman ignored it all”.

As late as January three men of Somali descent, that had planned to kill Vilks, were acquitted. In the light of this, shouldn’t the police be somewhat more attentive?

Swedish media were very careful never to reveal that it was Muslims that interrupted the Uppsala lecture. The official video clip had been pixled to conceal the descent of the perpetrators. Vilks himself wrote about it on his blog (here, in Swedish, though) and an egg that wasn’t crashed was turned into Mohammed.

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Yesterday afternoon, the Swedish artist Lars Vilks, was going to give a lecture at the University of Uppsala on freedom of speech in modern art. Vilks became known in 2007 for his Mohammed caricatures in form of a ”roundabout dog”, something that rendered him a fatwa. Now he is living under the constant supervision of the security police.

Here is a link to a film clip of the second part of the lecture, but on the same YouTube page, you will find more clips from the very attack.

Yesterday’s lecture had, apart from the ordinary audience, gathered a group of about 40 Muslims. When Vilks starts showing a piece of art on homosexuality among Muslims by another artist, he is bodily attacked by one of the Muslims and the total disorder is a fact. The police are attacked as well. Vilks is not severely injured, but is taken to hospital. But he was attacked once again outside the hospital. Today his site was hijacked.

When one of the policemen announces that the lecture is cancelled, the Muslims start shouting ”we succeeded in stopping him”. The attack was thus planned in advance, something that is proved by their conversations on Facebook here and here. There they also discuss the murder of Vilks.

This was an apparent attack on our freedom of speech and consequently on democracy. We can probably also forget about getting support from the secular Muslims. Even though they exist, they will neither be able to, nor have the guts to take sides against the medieval, undemocratic mob. It will be interesting to see if Swedish media will mitigate the attack (something they always do when immigrants are the perpetrators), or if they will adhere to their new policy, to ignore it completely and thus conceal it from the Swedish people.

The interesting thing is that everything that takes place in Sweden when immigrants are involved, is always being depicted by the media as an occasional and isolated occurrence: the murder in Landskrona, all the rapes, all rioting demonstrations against Israel, scandalous incidents committed by ”refugee children”, insurance frauds, unreliable employers with illegal labour, immigrants’ mendicancy, robberies and brutal attacks on Swedes. Even Muslim representatives’ and Muslim politicians’ claims for special treatment of Muslims is being described as ”not representative” för the majority of the Muslims. And all of the above incidents increase all the time.

Despite the propaganda, it is nowadays difficult to see them as isolated occurrences. Instead it is an adaptation to chaos. The same chaos that most of the immigrant Muslims are used to live in. It is strange that only one political party has realized this. It has nothing to do with unemployment. It has nothing to do with social exclusion. This is the costly price we are forced to pay for the multicultural society. The gradual adjustment to Islam.

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Sweden has had this year’s first national trauma. On 31 March an elderly couple were going to park their car outside a supermarket in Landskrona, a town in the south-west of Sweden. They found a parking lot for disabled persons, but it was occupied by a young man in his twenties. The old man honked in order to make the young man move. The young man, later found to be Ahmad Akileh, born in 1986 in Lebanon, got offensed and a quarrel began. Akileh threw the old man, 72 years old, onto the hood of his car and punched brutally. His wife, 78 years old, saw the abuse and went up to help her husband. She was also assaulted and got punched so hard that she fell to the ground and hit her head seriously. The young man fled. The following day the old woman died from her injuries. The national trauma was a fact. How could a young man do such a horrible thing to an elderly couple?

Some of the local companies promised to give a sum of money to the person who could help the police to find the perpetrator. The rumours started. Landskrona is a town that has severe problems with unemployment, mass immigration, segregation, and crime is on the increase especially among the young immigrant gangs. People don’t dare to go outdoors alone in the evening anylonger.

After some days Akileh was found. His mother said directly that it wasn’t his intention to kill the woman. It appeared that his wife, his new-born daughter and a brother also had been in the car at the scene of the crime. Apparently, they had done nothing to help the old couple, for example helping them or calling the police.

The leaders of four local Muslim associations held a press conference to deplore the “accident” and warn that it could “cause xenophobia”. Indeed. That’s the real news angle here. That’s the ticket: A purely hypothetical outbreak of violent attacks on Muslims always trumps actual violent attacks on non-Muslims. And the Swedish press suddenly forgot about the victim and started writing sobstories about the perpetrator. “Now he cannot hold his little baby anylonger” and suchlike articles were to be found, and one in the tabloid the Expressen.

It is as usual utterly important for the press to emphasize that this was a crime perpetrated by an individual and that is very uncommon and will probably never happen again. It could have been anyone, they state repeatedly. This way of trying to smooth things over when the setting involves immigration cannot be seen in other matters. It is not the case when it comes to a crime of violence towards a woman. Then it is always a symptom of the patriarchal society that all men participate to build and uphold. So all men are on principle guilty when one woman is abused. Different reasoning apparently applies for different topics.

A “ordinary” conclusion in the politically correct media is that the blame almost must be put on the political party the Sweden Democrats. This has become a common dodge for the media in order to have a scapegoat when immigrants are involved in something negative. This accusation was especially suitable, since the Sweden Democrats had got more than 20 per cent of the votes in the recent election in Landskrona. So it simply must be their fault, something that was stated in the subsequent debate!

On the Internet the name of the perpetrator was published early, in contrast to the politically correct media where the perpetrators always are kept in the dark particularly if he is an immigrant. On the Internet people could also say the truth behind the criminal development in Landskrona and elsewhere, i.e. that the mass immigration has caused precarious situations in Landskrona and in a considerable number of other places. But this fact is absolutely unmentionable officially. The on-line publication led to a debate according to which the hatred on the Internet was alleged to be spiteful. At last this alleged hatred seemed to be even worse than the crime itself. Now the media’s role had turned into defending the perpetrator. This poor guy had been so maltreated and slandered on the Internet.

On 5 April there was a manifestation in Landskrona against the violence. But TV4 called it a manifestation against racism. In consideration of the perpetrator? So the attacked woman had not been exposed to a racist crime? The low-water mark is the tabloid Expressen that finally accuses everyone who is against the murder of being racists. Or how should their article otherwise be interpreted?

Would the wrath in Landskrona have been exactly as severe, if the suspected perpetrator had been blond and blue-eyed?

The newspaper makes excuses for the violence and tries to blame those who are against it. Sweden’s national trauma has consequently led to a medial trauma and it might be the last straw.

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Malmoe (Malmö) is Sweden’s third biggest city in the very south of Sweden. The Jews in Malmoe are about 700 people and they have been living there for over a 100 years. They now sound the alarm that they are being harassed by the muslims. The children’s day nursery is surrounded by surveillance cameras and the entrances are bombproof. A Jewish youth was threatened with being halal slaughtered. The Muslim population in Malmoe amounts to about 45 000, and in the whole province of Skåne, where Malmoe is situated, is inhabited by almost 100 000 Muslims.

Malmoe’s mayor, Ilmar Reepalu, thinks that the Jews of Malmoe in some way are to blame themselves that they are harassed. “They ought to more obviously have dissociated themselves from Israel’s politics towards Palestine.

He states that not only the politicians are responsible for the situation of the jews in Malmoe. Jewish individuals and the community also have a possibility to influence how the world around regards them.

“I would wish that the Jewish community dissociated themselves from Israel’s violations of the civilian population in Gaza. Instead, they choose to take part in a demonstration in the Stortorget Square, which can give the wrong signals”, Reepalu says in the interview in the Skanska Dagbladet.

If the Muslims of Malmoe would be harassed, does then Reepalu think that the Muslim themselves are to be blamed to some extent, since they haven’t more apparently dissociated themselves from Muslim terror (in any place in the world)? No, he is not saying that (luckily enough), but why should then Swedish Jews who have lived for generation in Sweden be forced have a certain point of view regarding Israel’s politics?

More from the interview in the article:
“Did you consider stating publicly that Malmoe doesn’t accept anti-Semitism. Or is that controversial?” the reporter asks.

“We do neither accept Zionism or anti-Semitism. They represent extremes that position themselves over other groups and stand for the opinion that that other groups are inferior”, Reepalu answers.

It is interesting how Reepalu, when asked about anti-Semitism, feels forced to include Zionism in the discussion. When the subject of the interview is harassed Jews och bullied Jewish children, he cannot keep to the subject. On the contrary he unconditionally has to implicate the Muslims.

“Children of Jewish origin shall of course not be pestered. It is neither okay that the imam in a mosque is being shot at,” Reepalu says.

It is of course NOT okay that an imam is being shot at. But when did this happen? What reveals Reepalu’s standpoint most is his compulsive inability to keep to the subject and his will to insert another subject matter. He thinks that harassed Jews is not much to grumble about. The situation among other groups is much more important to him.

Israel has created a dilemma, according to Reepalu. But a new piece of information is that Israel is completely alone in the conflict and is fighting itself and that the other participants in the conflict have no responsibility whatsoever. But Reepalu! It takes two to tango.

Let’s suppose that Israel has created the conflict. Shall the responsibility for the conflict in Malmoe be put on Israel? Isn’t Swedes able to be responsible for their own cities?

Here is a link to the debate on this subject on Newsmill (in Swedish, though).

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