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Sweden’s National Day is over. The 6 June was changed from The Swedish Flag’s Day into the National Day in 1985. From 2005 the day is also a public holiday. But since nationalism is such a taboo in Sweden, this very day has been transformed into a riotous display of multiculture. The non-public TV-channel TV4 launches its yearly “Zero-racism week”. Stockholm City Museum celebrates the day with an intensive exhibition of Somali culture: a Swedish-Somali celebration. An excerpt of the program of the day:

In the northern town Sandviken, the celebration of the National Day is still in the sign of multiculturalism. Last year people could listen to and watch Arab and Kurdish music. This year people also can enjoy Finnish, Norwegian and African songs. A Facebook group protesting against these shameless things got 600 members before it vanished.

The largest Swedish Tabloid Aftonbladet published this photomontage and declared, ”Today we celebrate multiplicity – not stupidity”.

Stockholm’s National old homestead museum “Skansen” advertises its Midsummer celebration with the following image:

A few days after the National Day, we have another recurrent tradition very much questioned today: the breaking-up from the school term. Earlier, before the politicians decided that Sweden was to be a multicultural society, most schools went to church as a formal and ceremonial way of finalizing the pupils’ year.

Even though there is no longer a State church since 2000, the tradition at the end of the school term has lived on. Cowardly headmasters and school administrators now put and end to this tradition, where some of them uphold that our immigrated minorities can feel offended by Swedish traditions.

In Uppsala, a vice-headmaster even prohibited the pupils from singing the National Anthem. She said it could be “offensive”.

This was just a sample of how authorities, organizations and media altogether hijack Sweden bit after bit, in order to brainwash people that there has never been any particular Swedish culture. “This is Swedish. A mixture”, according to our Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt in 2009. The oikophobia in all its glory.

And if it is so important to celebrate all different cultures’ singularities in order not to offend immigrants, why not introduce a separate Multicultural Day?

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