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My long blog break does not mean that I have given up the idea of blogging. Not at all. My blog break has several reasons. But one reason is NOT that there is a lack of topics. On the contrary, there is more than ever because Sweden is getting increasingly insane. This has been too much to stand (combined with a general lack of time and a huge job burden) so it was time for me to take a break. One of my frequent commentators, an emigrated Swede and an active commentator on many blogs, had a correct theory about this. He usually has breaks himself every now and then from the bloggosphere in order to survive mentally.

I cannot make any commitments on my blogging frequency henceforth, instead I will try and do some summaries and shorter contributions every now and then. Thus I am alive and kicking.

Today it is time to post a film clip on Sweden’s crime rate as a reminder of the recent killings in Malmo. Malmo is Sweden’s third biggest city with the country’s highest crime rate. Five persons were shot to death in one week in this city around the new year. One of the killed persons was a 15 year old boy of Iraqi descent, who had just had his crimes written off a few days before his death because of the fact that he was too young to be punished.

His family staged a funeral procession in Malmo that was worthy of a king (you can see a film clip here). Nothing of the like has been seen before, neither for the Swedish family man in Ludvika, that was assaulted and killed unprovoked just before Christmas by a gang of Africans or the latest killed man in Malmo, a decent person who, one week before he was shot to death by accident, asked his friends on Facebook what will be the future of Malmo, his home town.

The next blog post, that will be posted shortly, will be a text written by another Swedish person. He wants to reach out to people outside Sweden’s borders in order to inform you about the prevailing situation and his despair on the untenable situation here. Don’t miss that blog post.

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Malmoe, Sweden’s third biggest town in the southern part has been subject to about 50 shootings in the street in 2010. Click on the map above to see where the shootings have taken place this year.

The shootings have partly been aimed at several buses, even those containing people, and partly aimed directly at people. Regarding the shootings during the last few weeks, the police declare that they have seen a pattern. The shootings that cannot be related to organized crime have hit immigrants (apart from one ethnical Swedish woman, who was killed, unlike the others that have survived).

With these findings, media have started an unequalled conspiracy theory. The offender must be an ethnical Swede and this just must be a hate crime. The reason for this theory is the fact that 20 years ago, a mental ill man (actually an immigrant himself, but still “white”) shot several immigrants with a laser gun, commonly known as the “laser man”.

The media is making far-reaching comparisons with the 1990s the circumstances in the society when the laser man was active. In those days there was a new party in the parliament, the New Democracy, alleged negative to the mass immigration. So the conclusion is that this new “laser man” is a product of the fact that we now yet another time have a new party (the Sweden Democrats) in the parliament that is negative to the mass immigration.

And by the way, being in Malmoe and particularly in the housing areas where the shootings have taken place, a legitimate question is how it would be even possible to hit anyone else than an immigrant.

The conclusions drawn are that the shootings are caused by the Sweden Democrats! According to Swedish media this new party has stirred up a hateful atmosphere that can lead to violence against immigrants. I hope this report makes it totally clear to you at what intellectual level the public discussion is in Sweden, that media function like big propaganda machine for the opinion of the cultural Marxists and the other seven parliamentary parties.


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Malmoe (Malmö) is Sweden’s third biggest city in the very south of Sweden. The Jews in Malmoe are about 700 people and they have been living there for over a 100 years. They now sound the alarm that they are being harassed by the muslims. The children’s day nursery is surrounded by surveillance cameras and the entrances are bombproof. A Jewish youth was threatened with being halal slaughtered. The Muslim population in Malmoe amounts to about 45 000, and in the whole province of Skåne, where Malmoe is situated, is inhabited by almost 100 000 Muslims.

Malmoe’s mayor, Ilmar Reepalu, thinks that the Jews of Malmoe in some way are to blame themselves that they are harassed. “They ought to more obviously have dissociated themselves from Israel’s politics towards Palestine.

He states that not only the politicians are responsible for the situation of the jews in Malmoe. Jewish individuals and the community also have a possibility to influence how the world around regards them.

“I would wish that the Jewish community dissociated themselves from Israel’s violations of the civilian population in Gaza. Instead, they choose to take part in a demonstration in the Stortorget Square, which can give the wrong signals”, Reepalu says in the interview in the Skanska Dagbladet.

If the Muslims of Malmoe would be harassed, does then Reepalu think that the Muslim themselves are to be blamed to some extent, since they haven’t more apparently dissociated themselves from Muslim terror (in any place in the world)? No, he is not saying that (luckily enough), but why should then Swedish Jews who have lived for generation in Sweden be forced have a certain point of view regarding Israel’s politics?

More from the interview in the article:
“Did you consider stating publicly that Malmoe doesn’t accept anti-Semitism. Or is that controversial?” the reporter asks.

“We do neither accept Zionism or anti-Semitism. They represent extremes that position themselves over other groups and stand for the opinion that that other groups are inferior”, Reepalu answers.

It is interesting how Reepalu, when asked about anti-Semitism, feels forced to include Zionism in the discussion. When the subject of the interview is harassed Jews och bullied Jewish children, he cannot keep to the subject. On the contrary he unconditionally has to implicate the Muslims.

“Children of Jewish origin shall of course not be pestered. It is neither okay that the imam in a mosque is being shot at,” Reepalu says.

It is of course NOT okay that an imam is being shot at. But when did this happen? What reveals Reepalu’s standpoint most is his compulsive inability to keep to the subject and his will to insert another subject matter. He thinks that harassed Jews is not much to grumble about. The situation among other groups is much more important to him.

Israel has created a dilemma, according to Reepalu. But a new piece of information is that Israel is completely alone in the conflict and is fighting itself and that the other participants in the conflict have no responsibility whatsoever. But Reepalu! It takes two to tango.

Let’s suppose that Israel has created the conflict. Shall the responsibility for the conflict in Malmoe be put on Israel? Isn’t Swedes able to be responsible for their own cities?

Here is a link to the debate on this subject on Newsmill (in Swedish, though).

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