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Since it is Draw Mohammed Day today, I want to publish this little thing that I found on the Internet. It has been produced in order to support the Swedish artist Lars Vilks, who has been threatened to death several times and live under constant police protection, because of his little sweet Mohammed roundabout dog.

The roundabout dog was a Swedish phenomenon some years ago, when Swedish citizens put home made dogs in the middle of the roundabouts in order to make them more nice-looking. The roundabout dogs could be very imaginative and Mr Vilks’ dog was just another sort of these nice pieces of art normally made by the ordinary man.

In this painting, Vilks roundabout dog has been placed in a central place in the village, illuminated by the ominous moonshine that could be Europe’s future if we don’t wake up now.

So, enjoy this painting as long as it is possible. Who knows what tomorrow will bring to us, as long as we are not allowed to utter anything critical about this religion.

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On the 24 November the Swedish caricaturist Lars Vilks was threatened again. A Somali man representing the Al-Shabaab covered in a Palestinian scarf gives expression to a number of threats. You can watch the filmclip by downloading it here.

Part of the speech and comments from the blog Ojihad:

Abu Zaid“, a militant from Sweden, is giving a statement standing in what seems to be an empty football stadium. Speaking in Swedish to the Muslims of Sweden, the masked militant says: “And I also encourage you to make hijrah to this country.“ He then goes on and threatens the Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks who drew some caricatures of the prophet Muhammad and received numerous death threats since. The Somali foreign fighter says: “I want to send this warning to Lars Vilks who was behind the caricatures defaming our prophet. And I say to Lars Vilks that wherever you are, if not today or tomorrow, know that we haven´t yet forgotten about you and we will get hold of you and with Allah´s permission we will get you wherever you are and in whatever hole you are hiding know what awaits for you, as it will be nothing but this: slaughter!“ To his Muslim brothers and sisters “Abu Zaid“ says: “If you can kill this dog called Lars Vilks then you will receive a great reward from Allah!

Now, why do I write this a couple of weeks after the threat has been revealed? Well, what strikes me most is that this Jihdist is conveying his message in high-sounding Swedish. No question that he once hasenjoyed the benevolent and generous subsidies from the Swedish state by living here as one of all the (false?) asylum refugees. He has attended the free Swedish education “Swedish for immigrants” for a long time. How should he otherwise be able to speak such a fluent and good Swedish?

He has also been able to, probably without the burden of being forced to perform any kind of job, spend his time deepen his knowledge of the Jihadist movement, strengthen his network and recruit other “warriors” as well.

My attendant question is if this is his way of expressing his gratitude to the Swedish benevolence? To the Swedish taxpayers? Sweden has apparently nourished a viper in its bosom. And I fear that it is not the only one.

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Yesterday afternoon, the Swedish artist Lars Vilks, was going to give a lecture at the University of Uppsala on freedom of speech in modern art. Vilks became known in 2007 for his Mohammed caricatures in form of a ”roundabout dog”, something that rendered him a fatwa. Now he is living under the constant supervision of the security police.

Here is a link to a film clip of the second part of the lecture, but on the same YouTube page, you will find more clips from the very attack.

Yesterday’s lecture had, apart from the ordinary audience, gathered a group of about 40 Muslims. When Vilks starts showing a piece of art on homosexuality among Muslims by another artist, he is bodily attacked by one of the Muslims and the total disorder is a fact. The police are attacked as well. Vilks is not severely injured, but is taken to hospital. But he was attacked once again outside the hospital. Today his site was hijacked.

When one of the policemen announces that the lecture is cancelled, the Muslims start shouting ”we succeeded in stopping him”. The attack was thus planned in advance, something that is proved by their conversations on Facebook here and here. There they also discuss the murder of Vilks.

This was an apparent attack on our freedom of speech and consequently on democracy. We can probably also forget about getting support from the secular Muslims. Even though they exist, they will neither be able to, nor have the guts to take sides against the medieval, undemocratic mob. It will be interesting to see if Swedish media will mitigate the attack (something they always do when immigrants are the perpetrators), or if they will adhere to their new policy, to ignore it completely and thus conceal it from the Swedish people.

The interesting thing is that everything that takes place in Sweden when immigrants are involved, is always being depicted by the media as an occasional and isolated occurrence: the murder in Landskrona, all the rapes, all rioting demonstrations against Israel, scandalous incidents committed by ”refugee children”, insurance frauds, unreliable employers with illegal labour, immigrants’ mendicancy, robberies and brutal attacks on Swedes. Even Muslim representatives’ and Muslim politicians’ claims for special treatment of Muslims is being described as ”not representative” för the majority of the Muslims. And all of the above incidents increase all the time.

Despite the propaganda, it is nowadays difficult to see them as isolated occurrences. Instead it is an adaptation to chaos. The same chaos that most of the immigrant Muslims are used to live in. It is strange that only one political party has realized this. It has nothing to do with unemployment. It has nothing to do with social exclusion. This is the costly price we are forced to pay for the multicultural society. The gradual adjustment to Islam.

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