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Sunday 3 April was the day when one of Sweden’s largest cultural institutions, The Culture House (Kulturhuset) in Stockholm, was going to show the street dance performance “Celebration of womanhood”.

After the final rehearsal, one of the spectators felt offended went home and started a Facebook thread. He found the performance blasphemous and disrespectful since one dance was going to be performed to a prayer from the Koran set to music. So this person managed to incite many other persons as well in his thread.

The opposition on Facebook grew to a certain proportion that the production manager, Nina Röhlcke, found it necessary to act. Instead of omitting the controversial feature or changing it, she and Eric Sjöström, who made this decision, chose to cancel the whole show out of security reasons even though no threats had been pronounced.

Since the dance group is a feministic group, we can say that the inevitable clash between Swedish feminism (“Sweden ­ the Saudi Arabia of Feminism,” according to Julian

Assange) and Islamism shows that Islamism won by one nil. I have been waiting for this clash for a long time, particularly since the feminist groups have

been the most rapid ones to condemn criticism of the multicultural society and women’s subordinate role in Islam as racist and xenophobic.

Sjöström faced a very tangible choice. On one hand, the western freedom and rights for young girls to dance and to criticize patriarchal structures. On the other hand, the risk of being criticized, the risk of threats and violence. The first alternative was apparently not a weighty reason. It will be interesting to see what values Sjöström will have to compromise with the next time as the Islamists never seem to be satisfied.

This shows yet another (NB! not at all the first) step in the omnipresent Islamization of Sweden, and how Muslims are allowed set the agenda whenever they want. Was this the goal of the politicians’ so cherished multicultural society? How will they disentangle this outcome of their policy? Furthermore, we are all aware that every remark that is not positive to this social experiment is forcefully condemned as being racist …

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