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According to my former blogpost, Swedish media reported that one or two ”Swedes” had been arrested on the border between Uganda and Kenya. Now facts have shown that the man that was arrested on 5 January, Abudala Karim, had a Swedish alien passport, and was thus not a Swedish citizen. The most interesting part of this story is the fact that he also had a Kenyan passport. The authorities down there that arrested him did so because the man was known as a terrorist with connections to al-Shabaab.

Another aggravating circumstance is that the two passports showed different ages. The man had recently been admitted to Sweden as one of those famous ”unaccompanied refugee children” that I have written about earlier. Sweden is flooded with these ”children” (or rather young men) now that both Denmark and Norway have stopped admitting these guys en masse.

According to his Swedish alien passport he was 18 years old, and according to his real passport, he was 27. This is what many of the critics have said, namely that the “unaccompanied refugee children” are older than they say, because Norwegian examinations have shown this and simply because they look older, which is constantly denied by the advocates. This “child” has probably also stated that he is from Somalia, because Somalians are the only ones from that part of the world that are given a permanent residence permit. No controls of age or national descent are made at the Migration Board. There is no time for that and it costs money as well to find out.

Recently a government representative travelled around in Sweden in order to convince the local authorities to admit more of these ”unaccompanied refugee children”. Since so many arrive now there are problems where to house them. The representative asserted that these children are ”an economic gift to our nation”.

Now we can see what kind of ”gift” some of them are. Terrorists. They come like Trojan horses in order to provide capital from the Swedish taxpayers for their terrorist activities. But the Swedish newspapers struggle for their old lies. No mention in the newpapers that Abudala Karim was one of the unaccompanied refugee children. The relevant questions to be asked by the media are omitted. The questions should of course have been:

– How can an ”unaccompanied child” without any relatives at all and no money go to Kenya, two months after he had got a residence permit, according to his neighbour in the home for these ”children”? From where do the money come? How was the ticket paid?

– What shall he do in Kenya? Considering his other passport, could he be a Kenyan?

– Are the same names to be found in the two passports? If not, which of the names made the scanning react to a terrorist? If the names are the same, why hasn’t the Swedish authorities reacted on the terrorist response, who furthermore had issued a passport to him and let go of him in the airport?

– Why does the Expressen (the tabloid that has written about the man) call him an 18-year-old when he is 27 years old according to his other passport? Is this in order to avoid an air of ridicule that surrounds all gullible Swedes, with media, politicians and “batik witches” in the front line?

– According to the Expressen: “The Swedish suspected terrorist lives together with a friend of the same age in the town Sundsvall and this neighbour says: “But now I haven’t seen him or his roommate for a while. I think he is in Kenya”. Where is the roommate? Is he also out running riot somewhere in the world?

* Swedish expression among the politically incorrect for social workers that make much of these “children”.

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