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Swedish media has recently had big headlines about the uncontrolled criminality in the city of Sodertalje (86 200 inhabitants), 45 kilometers south-west of Stockholm. This town has received over 22 000 Assyrians and Syrians during the last 50 years. And after the war in Iraq, the town has received more Iraqis than the whole American continent jointly. The immigrants are 44% of Sodertalje’s inhabitants.

Last week media paid attention to the high level of threat that the municipality’s civil servants are exposed to when performing their work.

A year ago, two footballer brothers, were shot to death in an illegal gambling club in Sodertalje’s immigrant suburb Ronna owned by Metin Atasvens (see more below) family business Ginatas. Another fatal shooting took place there earlier.

Now the police have listed 20 premises,  that are used for party and immigration association activities, where the civil servants must not enter without being escorted by the police or wearing bulletproof vests before performing their statutory controls. Four of these premises are partly owned by the Syrian immigrated politician Metin Ataseven (see above) who is also a Member of Parliament.

In 2005 a bomb was put in a car belonging to a local civil servant handling restaurant permits. It was after that, that the civil servants inspecting immigrants’ association and their assembly rooms had to start wearing the bulletproof vests. The same applies for the civil servants working with environmental permits.

Sodertalje’s real-estate group CEO Kjell Hasslert recently urged the football clubs Assyriska FF, Syrianska FC and the Syrian Association to stop serving illegal alcohol at their parties. The day after Hasslert and his wife got several serious and anonymous text message death threats. Hasslert was placed under police supervision.

In Sweden, which once was the most confidence-influenced country in the world, politicians have taken for granted that immigrants also are embraced by these principles. Unaware of the fact that so is not the case, and thus without control of today’s situation, the result is a situation that seems unreal for ordinary people.

Unfortunately it is not unreal for the civil servants in Sodertalje. The easy-going attitude from the beginning as regards these issues, has led to the fact that certain more or less criminal immigrants can own and rule Sweden as they wish.

Sodertalje, Malmo and some smaller villages have already fallen. Now it is time for Gothenburg, Sweden’s second biggest city. Those who want to experience Dante’s Divine Comedy are encouraged to visit these places.

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