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According to my former blogpost, Swedish media reported that one or two ”Swedes” had been arrested on the border between Uganda and Kenya. Now facts have shown that the man that was arrested on 5 January, Abudala Karim, had a Swedish alien passport, and was thus not a Swedish citizen. The most interesting part of this story is the fact that he also had a Kenyan passport. The authorities down there that arrested him did so because the man was known as a terrorist with connections to al-Shabaab.

Another aggravating circumstance is that the two passports showed different ages. The man had recently been admitted to Sweden as one of those famous ”unaccompanied refugee children” that I have written about earlier. Sweden is flooded with these ”children” (or rather young men) now that both Denmark and Norway have stopped admitting these guys en masse.

According to his Swedish alien passport he was 18 years old, and according to his real passport, he was 27. This is what many of the critics have said, namely that the “unaccompanied refugee children” are older than they say, because Norwegian examinations have shown this and simply because they look older, which is constantly denied by the advocates. This “child” has probably also stated that he is from Somalia, because Somalians are the only ones from that part of the world that are given a permanent residence permit. No controls of age or national descent are made at the Migration Board. There is no time for that and it costs money as well to find out.

Recently a government representative travelled around in Sweden in order to convince the local authorities to admit more of these ”unaccompanied refugee children”. Since so many arrive now there are problems where to house them. The representative asserted that these children are ”an economic gift to our nation”.

Now we can see what kind of ”gift” some of them are. Terrorists. They come like Trojan horses in order to provide capital from the Swedish taxpayers for their terrorist activities. But the Swedish newspapers struggle for their old lies. No mention in the newpapers that Abudala Karim was one of the unaccompanied refugee children. The relevant questions to be asked by the media are omitted. The questions should of course have been:

– How can an ”unaccompanied child” without any relatives at all and no money go to Kenya, two months after he had got a residence permit, according to his neighbour in the home for these ”children”? From where do the money come? How was the ticket paid?

– What shall he do in Kenya? Considering his other passport, could he be a Kenyan?

– Are the same names to be found in the two passports? If not, which of the names made the scanning react to a terrorist? If the names are the same, why hasn’t the Swedish authorities reacted on the terrorist response, who furthermore had issued a passport to him and let go of him in the airport?

– Why does the Expressen (the tabloid that has written about the man) call him an 18-year-old when he is 27 years old according to his other passport? Is this in order to avoid an air of ridicule that surrounds all gullible Swedes, with media, politicians and “batik witches” in the front line?

– According to the Expressen: “The Swedish suspected terrorist lives together with a friend of the same age in the town Sundsvall and this neighbour says: “But now I haven’t seen him or his roommate for a while. I think he is in Kenya”. Where is the roommate? Is he also out running riot somewhere in the world?

* Swedish expression among the politically incorrect for social workers that make much of these “children”.

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Finally the sentence was passed. In one of my former blogposts I wrote about this abominable manslaughter of the 78-year-old woman on a parking lot in Landskrona.

A few days ago the law court found that Ahmad Akileh, with Lebanese citizenship, was guilty of grievous bodily harm, aggravated assault, gross negligence manslaughter and ill treatment of normal degree to prison for 1 year and 10 months. Ahmad Akileh shall also pay 43 000 SEK damages to the woman’s husband Sven Wickman and 18 944 SEK to the estate of the deceased.

At the end of the session Akileh complained about the fact that he had a problem with his stomach and mental health problems that made the judge reduce the period in prison with a few months, a sentence that in reality should have been 2 years. The fact that he lied in 2007 and said that he was from Iraq instead of Lebanon in order to become a permanent residence permit in Sweden did not seem to influence the senctence, as he was not sentenced to expulsion after having served his sentence.

Many people, and even some of the journalists I mentioned in my earlier blog post that then defended the perpetrator, mean that the sentence is to lenient. The woman’s husband claims that the perpetrator got off lighty.

This is what Leif G.W. Person, a somewhat controversial Swedish criminologist says, when commenting on the sentence:

The whole thing took place in Landskrona on 29 March. The same Landskrona where the Sweden Democrats in the latest election got 22 per cent of the votes and valet and possible is it so bad that this can have had something to do with the case. Some kind of inverted racism that have jeopardized our equality before the law. Irrespective of what, both the sentence, the sentenced person and above all his defender, Leif Silbersky, have come as a a gift from above for the Sweden Democrats’ party leaders.

As a comparison we can examine another sentence that was pronounced recently, an imprisonment of five years. The perpetrator, Johan af Donner, former Communications chief of the Swedish Red Cross, was sentenced for serious aggravated fraud, breach of trust, being accessory to aggravated accounting fraud, untrue statement and complicity in obstructing in fiscal control (with reservation for that the legal term can be wrongly translated) against the Red Cross and the Swedish Cancer Society. He had swindled the organization out of millions of Swedish crowns.

The two sentences were pronounced within a week. The reactions when comparing the sentences have been massive and people are in an awful rage and they ask themselves how a human life can be so underestimated compared to money. For there is a trend in Sweden that a life is worth almost nothing when it comes to a judicial decision. Money and objects apparently seem to have a higher value.

The law courts have apparently abandoned human dignity. The 78-year-old lady on the parking lot has no value. She was a worthless creature that just as well could have been killed. This is what Swedish case law in plain language communicates. The perpetrators are glorified, they are defended and cuddled.

Even the the mass media show contempt for the ill-treated husband och the fact that he had witnessed how his wife was killed in the street. The media has shown greater indignation of mismanaged animals than they have done for the old couple in Landskrona.

So when is Sweden ready to do some research into this matter? To find out what is actually valuable in our society and what is not. Comparing the law courts’ sentences and fines. This would be a real challenge. The next, and inevitable question is of course why this is the case.

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Sweden has had this year’s first national trauma. On 31 March an elderly couple were going to park their car outside a supermarket in Landskrona, a town in the south-west of Sweden. They found a parking lot for disabled persons, but it was occupied by a young man in his twenties. The old man honked in order to make the young man move. The young man, later found to be Ahmad Akileh, born in 1986 in Lebanon, got offensed and a quarrel began. Akileh threw the old man, 72 years old, onto the hood of his car and punched brutally. His wife, 78 years old, saw the abuse and went up to help her husband. She was also assaulted and got punched so hard that she fell to the ground and hit her head seriously. The young man fled. The following day the old woman died from her injuries. The national trauma was a fact. How could a young man do such a horrible thing to an elderly couple?

Some of the local companies promised to give a sum of money to the person who could help the police to find the perpetrator. The rumours started. Landskrona is a town that has severe problems with unemployment, mass immigration, segregation, and crime is on the increase especially among the young immigrant gangs. People don’t dare to go outdoors alone in the evening anylonger.

After some days Akileh was found. His mother said directly that it wasn’t his intention to kill the woman. It appeared that his wife, his new-born daughter and a brother also had been in the car at the scene of the crime. Apparently, they had done nothing to help the old couple, for example helping them or calling the police.

The leaders of four local Muslim associations held a press conference to deplore the “accident” and warn that it could “cause xenophobia”. Indeed. That’s the real news angle here. That’s the ticket: A purely hypothetical outbreak of violent attacks on Muslims always trumps actual violent attacks on non-Muslims. And the Swedish press suddenly forgot about the victim and started writing sobstories about the perpetrator. “Now he cannot hold his little baby anylonger” and suchlike articles were to be found, and one in the tabloid the Expressen.

It is as usual utterly important for the press to emphasize that this was a crime perpetrated by an individual and that is very uncommon and will probably never happen again. It could have been anyone, they state repeatedly. This way of trying to smooth things over when the setting involves immigration cannot be seen in other matters. It is not the case when it comes to a crime of violence towards a woman. Then it is always a symptom of the patriarchal society that all men participate to build and uphold. So all men are on principle guilty when one woman is abused. Different reasoning apparently applies for different topics.

A “ordinary” conclusion in the politically correct media is that the blame almost must be put on the political party the Sweden Democrats. This has become a common dodge for the media in order to have a scapegoat when immigrants are involved in something negative. This accusation was especially suitable, since the Sweden Democrats had got more than 20 per cent of the votes in the recent election in Landskrona. So it simply must be their fault, something that was stated in the subsequent debate!

On the Internet the name of the perpetrator was published early, in contrast to the politically correct media where the perpetrators always are kept in the dark particularly if he is an immigrant. On the Internet people could also say the truth behind the criminal development in Landskrona and elsewhere, i.e. that the mass immigration has caused precarious situations in Landskrona and in a considerable number of other places. But this fact is absolutely unmentionable officially. The on-line publication led to a debate according to which the hatred on the Internet was alleged to be spiteful. At last this alleged hatred seemed to be even worse than the crime itself. Now the media’s role had turned into defending the perpetrator. This poor guy had been so maltreated and slandered on the Internet.

On 5 April there was a manifestation in Landskrona against the violence. But TV4 called it a manifestation against racism. In consideration of the perpetrator? So the attacked woman had not been exposed to a racist crime? The low-water mark is the tabloid Expressen that finally accuses everyone who is against the murder of being racists. Or how should their article otherwise be interpreted?

Would the wrath in Landskrona have been exactly as severe, if the suspected perpetrator had been blond and blue-eyed?

The newspaper makes excuses for the violence and tries to blame those who are against it. Sweden’s national trauma has consequently led to a medial trauma and it might be the last straw.

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