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Carl Bildt & Tobias Billstrom

The last few days have offered spectacular entertainment. A Wikileaks document reveals that Sweden’s two ministers, Carl Bildt, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Tobias Billstrom, Minister of migration, were in Iraq in 2007 in order to rebuild and reopen the Swedish embassy in Bagdad. During a meeting with the US ambassador Ryan Crocker, the Swedish ministers discussed the Iraqi migration to Sweden. They wanted a return agreement, otherwise the problems would become uncontrolled. They also pointed out that the immigrants that came to Sweden after 2003 were “destitute, unqualified and lacked professional or language skills”. The ministers also added that “Swedes had reacted to several honour killing and now demanded a stricter immigration policy … The Iraqis are furthermore difficult to integrate”. The ministers’ negociation did not seem to succeed. Sweden nowadays room over 110.000 Iraqis.

But the – indeed true – statements have caused a national trauma. The ministers have been attacked by the media and several politicians for being racists and “being as bad as the Swedendemocrats”. A Green party member intends to report the ministers to the standing committee on the constitution. The president of the Liberal youth league demands the resignation of the migration minister. The ministers have refused to comment the leak in other words than that they do not intend to comment it. I could go on like this an enumerate complaints and condemnations for a long time, but I think you have got it.

The Swedish Television have summoned their regular experts, among others Marie Demker, a former left-wing party member (a fact that is of course never mentioned on TV) to prove that Swedes are indeed less xenophobic nowadays. All in order to pour oil on troubled waters. The media debacle is even worse this time when most people know that the ministers are right.

Jimmie Akesson, leader of the Swedendemocrat party, said in an interview that he has been encouraged by several members of parliament because of the policy of the Swedendemocrats, that states these facts undisguised. The Swedish hypocrisy is apparent, when the Swedendemocrats are openly taunted and frozen out in the parliament, at the same time as the ministers hold the same view in secret.

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