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The blogger Merit Wager reports interesting information from inside the Swedish Migration Board. Her contact inside the walls regularly provides Wager with alarming information on corrupt legal practice from this authority. Read this blog post and judge for yourself.

It is easy to believe that the following quotation is taken over from some kind of comic magazine. Unfortunately, it isn’t. It is true and the quotation is taken from an article in the magazine Today’s Law (Dagens juridik):

The Migration Court claimed that it was apparent that the government had not had the right to promulgate a regulation of a claim for a passport in order to a residence permit can be issued, and decided not to apply the regulation.

Int the Migration Courts, those who judge are representatives from the seven parliamentary parties, together with one judge. The party representatives are laymen, called lay assessors (nämndemän), so there is only the judge who has a degree in Law. So the lay assessors can make a decision by a majority and disregard the opinion and knowledge of the judge.

Now, this one and only sentence in the quotation above shows, with unpleasant and absolute clarity, that the asylum management (and the rule of law on the whole) has had a total breakdown in Sweden.

Read the quotation once more and figure out what it implies!

It means that the politically appointed lay assessors “decide” that the government’s (and the parliament’s) legislation “isn’t correct” (according to the lay assessors who are at the court that very day) and that the Migration Court therefore wilfully reserves the right to ignore the law.

In American TV series they talk of ”contempt of court”. Transferred to Swedish conditions the Migration Court is “in contempt” of both itself and the government. As usual, no one will have energy enough to act and the madness and the disregard of the legislation will continue. In the banana monarchy of Sweden.

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