Lars Vilks, the Swedish artist, controversial in certain circles because of his drawing of Mohammed as a roundabout dog, underwent yet another Muslim attack at a lecture at Uppsala University. On 21 February. Film clips can be watched here and here. Vilks held a lecture on freedom of speech in art. It was the Islamic Culture Society and Karlstad’s Young Muslims that on beforehand had objected to this lecture.

When Vilks showed a picture that was controversial for some of these persons in the audience, this group of them raised and started to scan “Allah akbar” and threw eggs and snowballs at Vilks. The police acted in a very lenient way, which you can see in the video clip. The control of the audience before the lecture was lax, no search of the attendants, according to an eye-witness. No policemen were even standing at the entrance door. Afterwards the public relations officer from Varmland’s police force stated: “We have identified all the persons, but have not yet made up our minds if the event will lead to a report”.

Another eye-witness: ”It was very alarming to see the police that gawky not doing anything with these assailants that assaulted Vilks. After the lecture the Muslims stood completely indifferent. The racist card did its job. One of the Muslims shouted ”you take us because you are a racist” and then the policeman ignored it all”.

As late as January three men of Somali descent, that had planned to kill Vilks, were acquitted. In the light of this, shouldn’t the police be somewhat more attentive?

Swedish media were very careful never to reveal that it was Muslims that interrupted the Uppsala lecture. The official video clip had been pixled to conceal the descent of the perpetrators. Vilks himself wrote about it on his blog (here, in Swedish, though) and an egg that wasn’t crashed was turned into Mohammed.

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Dear blog reader,

As I mentioned in my last blog post, this one will contain an appeal from a despairing Swedish citizen, who wants to inform people outside Sweden on what is going on in this country. I recognize his feelings, which are exactly the same that made me start this blog.

In order to help him to give his message a broad dispersion, I publish his text here. He would also like you to contact him in order to make contacts around the world. So here comes his letter:

Let me introduce Avpixlat (AP), a politically incorrect blog that reveals the truth about all things that mainstream media in Sweden don´t dare to write about. It is based on facts, articles and official government statistics, that always can be checked. It is Sweden’s biggest political blog: http://avpixlat.info/

The world outside Sweden need to get informed on the existence of the site AP where everyone can see how Sweden is being flooded with, mostly Muslim, migrants, searching for a better life. But they are not refugees, which the government claim that they are. 95% of them have no passports when they arrive in Sweden, so their stories can not be verified.

Avpixlat (AP) reports on these problems and many others, objectively, honestly and accurately. AP does the job that the politically correct mainstream media don´t. So AP is a pain in the but for media, politicians, criminals and many, many more, since these later are now being examined.

Swedish (mainstream) media cover up the real consequences of the multicultural utopian society: parallel societies, murders, sex crimes, honor killings, gang rapes, assaults, robberies, arson, social misery, youth criminality and forced marriages.

There is a widespread nepotism in the Swedish society and there is an unhealthy symbiosis between the media and the politicians. SVT (Sweden’s Television) and SR (Sweden’s Radio, both public service companies) are so politically correct that you feel sick when you once have seen through the hypocrisy. These are no conspiracy theories, but facts. Just follow the site AP for a period of time and then decide. Frustrated citizens may comment a little out of line and at once Swedish media take every chance to dismiss AP as a racist/xenophobic/islamofobic hate blog. This is always just another attempt of theirs to belittle and ridicule dissidents, but take a look at the articles and their high content of facts.

During the Islamist suicide bombing in December 2010 here in Stockholm, international media were searching for quick, accurate and objective information, facts and eyewitness reports. In order to obtain this crucial information international media visited the AP’s predecessor site called “Politiskt Inkorrekt” (PI), today succeeded by Avpixlat (AP), due to it´s reputation of high quality and professionalism.

Newspapers like The New York Times, Le Monde, Le Figaro, The Daily Telegraph, perhaps your and other big newspapers in countries all over the world visited PI since the blog was not weighted with the ordinary silence in these matters. All the Nordic countries, Denmark, Norway and Finland, followed “Politiskt Inkorrekt” (PI) minute by minute. PI was by the way first in Sweden to publish the picture of the suicide bomber days before the others.

Almost all journalists are living in nice apartments, in nice neighborhoods, totally disconnected with reality. They are so politically correct and spineless that they never dare to criticize all the obvious problems, afraid of being “troublesome”, since Sweden is the land of consensus and no one wants to stand alone outside of the flock of sheep . So ordinary people say: “yes, yes” in public, but “no, no” behind closed doors among CLOSE friends.

Commentary fields in newspapers are being closed down, not for foul language, but when comments criticize for example the immigration policy (the biggest taboo of them all). But according to media and politicians there are only good things coming out of immigration. The commentary fields tell another story though, “So we’d better close them down” is the motto of Swedish newspapers. Newspapers have further stopped having polls on different topics dealing with immigration, fearing that people will answer “wrongly” (not enough positively on the immigration policy).

Swedish media and politics apparently don´t do their tasks correctly or honestly. The media don´t criticize or investigate politicians, and our politicians are not working for the good of Sweden. So Sweden is sinking fast and I could go on for hours. But this is something that is hidden from the everyday Swede. Sweden looks pretty on the outside, but under the surface it is actually quite rotten.

The Swedish state has a balanced economic foundation, but a portion of the Swedes struggle, since there is a redistribution of wealth going on since 2006, which leads to the fact that Sweden is rapidly becoming a divided/fragmented country between “the haves and the have-nots”. For the first time in the modern history of Swedish society, a class of poor people emerges and many others just make ends meet.

AP success was expected. Avpixlat.info was launched the 23 of October and is already the 179th biggest site in Sweden, It was ranked as the 65th biggest site in Sweden for a period. It is always among th top 100 at Alexa.com. On the 18 November it was ranked at place 130 at Alexa. (This article was written on the 12 of November). On the 9 December it was ranked at place 87 at Alexa. However, AP is written in Swedish but please use Google translate to form your own opinion.

There is a logic reason why the site is so successful. People are apparently fed up reading lies or badly written half-truths. Nowadays journalists in Sweden are people’s laughing stock. They have zero credibility, a poor standard, shows incompetence, lack objectivity and the list goes on and on. According to surveys, Swedes have a 3% trust in Swedish journalists, and you see that there is a reason why.

AP contains a lot of material of scandalous behavior, privatized healthcare system in ruins, welfare state down the drain, more than 30% youth unemployment, drug abuse, crime, gang rapes unheard of before, cars and schools burning unheard of 10 years ago, schools where there are no children with Swedish as their mother language and that it takes on average 10 years for an immigrant to find their first job. AP describes the poor and ghetto like “no go zones” suburbs that were only three 20 years ago, and that have increased to over 170 today, where unemployment is 70% in the worst areas.

So please have a look at the AP site and follow the Swedish experiment, and at the same time you can find material for many spectacular articles and blog posts.

Hope to hear from you and see many articles on Sweden, with an objective, correct, sincere, true, reflection of Sweden or some Swedish phenomena and not the usual sugar-coated low quality and deceptive journalism of the Swedish journalists. And I hope you have the time to write to me. If you have any questions just e-mail me and I will try to help you if you need information about Sweden, facts, government statistics or interesting academic research etc.

Yours sincerely,
Oraklet (the Oracle)
a second generation immigrant to Sweden

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Dear readers,

My long blog break does not mean that I have given up the idea of blogging. Not at all. My blog break has several reasons. But one reason is NOT that there is a lack of topics. On the contrary, there is more than ever because Sweden is getting increasingly insane. This has been too much to stand (combined with a general lack of time and a huge job burden) so it was time for me to take a break. One of my frequent commentators, an emigrated Swede and an active commentator on many blogs, had a correct theory about this. He usually has breaks himself every now and then from the bloggosphere in order to survive mentally.

I cannot make any commitments on my blogging frequency henceforth, instead I will try and do some summaries and shorter contributions every now and then. Thus I am alive and kicking.

Today it is time to post a film clip on Sweden’s crime rate as a reminder of the recent killings in Malmo. Malmo is Sweden’s third biggest city with the country’s highest crime rate. Five persons were shot to death in one week in this city around the new year. One of the killed persons was a 15 year old boy of Iraqi descent, who had just had his crimes written off a few days before his death because of the fact that he was too young to be punished.

His family staged a funeral procession in Malmo that was worthy of a king (you can see a film clip here). Nothing of the like has been seen before, neither for the Swedish family man in Ludvika, that was assaulted and killed unprovoked just before Christmas by a gang of Africans or the latest killed man in Malmo, a decent person who, one week before he was shot to death by accident, asked his friends on Facebook what will be the future of Malmo, his home town.

The next blog post, that will be posted shortly, will be a text written by another Swedish person. He wants to reach out to people outside Sweden’s borders in order to inform you about the prevailing situation and his despair on the untenable situation here. Don’t miss that blog post.

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The London riots

One summer in the 1980s I traveled through Britain after one of the most devastating waves of riots of that time. From Brixton in London to Toxteth in Liverpool; from Moss Side in Manchester to the streets of Leeds, Birmingham and Sheffield; rioters took over the streets, set fire to their neighbors’ cars, looted their neighbors’ shops, vandalized their neighborhood health clinics, pharmacies, community centers…

I was amazed by how Britain handled the riots back then. Margret Thatcher, notoriously referred to as the Iron Lady, told the police to take off the gloves and fight back. She also brought in crowd control tactics and equipment from Northern Ireland and loosened restrictions on what police could do in order to keep the streets safe and calm. The result: the riots subsided, riot leaders were arrested and prosecuted – and Britain returned to a normal life.

The current riots in Britain bear many resemblances to the riots of the ‘80s. But there is one disturbing difference: there is increasing evidence that today’s riots are driven by more vicious political ideologies than the “Anarchy in the U.K” of the Thatcher era. A report in the British newspaper Daily Mail, and other stories quoted by the Swedish website Politiskt Inkorrekt [Politically Incorrect], indicates that racism has become an active force in this destructive social unrest.

Blacks are reported targeting whites for beatings and robberies. There are also bits and pieces of news that blacks are attacking businesses owned by other ethnic groups. In a Kurdish-dominated neighborhood shop owners and their families form human chains to protect their businesses from the anti-social crowds.

It remains to be seen how widespread this racial violence is. But the very fact that mainstream British media is reporting about it shows that the problem is widespread; the normal practice of politically correct news outlets is that they ignore destructive practices by ethnic and racial minorities until those practices are basically on their doorsteps. In other words: we have good reasons to believe that Britain is currently experiencing the largest wave of racial riots in recent memory. And contrary to what the elites in politics, media and academia would have predicted, the racial hatred is not driven by whites.

The possibility of a significant racial motivator behind the British riots is all the more disturbing in view of the riots that have plagued French, Belgian, Danish and Swedish cities in recent years. Ethnic non-Europeans target institutions and people who represent the European society that once welcomed them as immigrants.

To the extent that the social elite – politicians, media executives and academic talking heads – acknowledge the presence of racism in some of the riots, they try to explain it away as the result of white oppression of non-white immigrants. Their only evidence is typically the fact that unemployment is higher among non-European immigrants than among ethnic Europeans.

It is of course ludicrous to explain racially driven riots with unemployment. If unemployment caused riots, then ethnic Swedes should be rioting day and night. Sweden has the highest youth unemployment rate in the industrialized world, and its actual total unemployment is also among the highest. But ethnic Swedes are not rioting – the ones rioting in Sweden are the ethnic minorities in run-down, government-owned housing projects around the big cities.

But even though race and ethnicity are driving forces behind many riots, they do not capture the underlying motivator. As the aforementioned Daily Mail report makes clear, some non-European immigrants take to the streets to defend their property in the midst of violent social chaos. Similar scenes could be seen in the riots in Los Angeles in 1992: Korean immigrants defended their properties – their small businesses – with guns and baseball bats as black rioters sought them out as targets. (Racial tensions between blacks and Asians here in America are unfortunately still brewing.) News reports from Sweden have captured immigrants of Mid-East origin chasing away rioters from some housing projects in the city of Malmo.

The underlying motivator of Europe’s riots is a clash between two cultures: the culture of self reliance and the culture of smart survival. Many immigrants to Europe over the past couple of decades come from countries that are among the poorest on Earth. Especially the inflow of Somalis has put this culture clash on the spot: as one Swedish politician put it, many of the Somali immigrants come from such a deplorably poor background that they do not even know how to use a toilet. This may or may not be factually correct; the point he was trying to make is that there is a Gargantuan gap between the values, experiences and expectations of immigrants from very, very poor corners of the world, and the values, experiences and expectations of the European culture.

People from very poor countries, without a functioning market economy and without a functioning political structure, grow accustomed to “smart survival”. The goal of the day becomes to not have to work for your survival, to find ways to feed your family without having to put in hard work. This does not mean that immigrants from Somalia or any other extremely poor country shun hard work – but what it means is that so long as you associate hard labor with mere survival, you will do everything you can to avoid it.

A European, by contrast, has been raised to believe that hard work can reward you with a better lifestyle, with a higher standard of living and with the opportunity to give your children an even better start in life than you got. The heavy weight of government on the private sector has slowly eroded Europe’s opportunity society, but the old cultural notion of self reliance is still prevalent.

The welfare state becomes the flash point where these two cultures meet – and clash. Europeans are brought up to understand that the welfare state can only survive if people work and pay taxes into it. Immigrants form a smart-survival culture, on the other hand, see only the output side of the equation: their view of the welfare state is that it provides them with work-free survival (and more). In theory, no one is going to force them to work and contribute to the welfare systems they live off.

Over the past couple of decades, Europe’s welfare state has declined. This is the inevitable result of putting such a heavy burden on taxpayers and the productive sector of the economy. Austerity has become the governing norm of the welfare state, with cuts in entitlements and harsher enrollment requirements for benefits programs. At the same time, taxes remain high or have grown even higher, depriving the self-reliance believers of opportunities to advance their own lives and provide for their families.

Inevitably, a tension builds. Based on the scenes from Europe’s streets over the past few years, and on what is happening right now in Britain, it seems as though non-European immigrants, whose entitlement lifestyle has been shaped by the welfare state, have struck first. My hypothesis: they are lashing out against a society that has promised to feed them for free, but which has slowly begun asking them to become contributors to, not just takers from, the welfare state.

I welcome anyone who can prove me wrong. If I am right, though, there is only one sustainable solution to the European riots: to dismantle the welfare state and thus put an end to entitlement-driven immigration.

Migration based on self-determination and self-reliance is an indispensable part of a free world. It preserves the legacy of our civilization, contributes to the evolution of our society and helps build prosperity for all of us.

By contrast, the combination of a welfare state and migration based on the pursuit of entitlements is a force destructive enough to kill Western Civilization.

Europe is at a crossroads. The choice is as alarmingly clear as the riots in London: liberty and prosperity for all, or equality and poverty for all.

Take your pick.

by S R Larson, Ph D

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In the wake of the despicable terror attacks in Oslo, the predictable hate speeches against those who criticize Sweden’s immigration policy have already begun. I am not going to waste time on quoting them; let us just note that the hate mongers who are trying to capitalize on the Oslo massacre typically were very quick to say that the suicide bomber in Stockholm was a “mad loner” who did not represent Islam. When an equally “mad loner” strikes, who happens to be critical of immigration, then all of a sudden everyone who may have uttered a critical word of Sweden’s immigration policy is guilty by association.

The leftist hate mongers are also conspicuously silent on the arrests in Denmark of Islamists – Swedish residents, by the way – who planned a terror attack on a Danish newspaper.

Terrorism is terrorism, just as totalitarianism is totalitarianism. It does not matter who the Oslo madman was before he set off on a killing spree – as soon as he triggered that bomb he crossed the same line as the Islamists did on 9/11, or in Madrid 2004, or in London 2005. He turned people around him into instruments for an ideology. Just like the Islamists preach hatred by killing infidels, Anders Breivik preached hatred by killing people who were just as innocent as the victims in the World Trade Center in New York or on the commuter trains in Madrid.

And just like the jihadists in Iraq have used Islam as an excuse to kill innocent Iraqi children, Breivik used his nationalism as an excuse to wipe out the young lives of his fellow countrymen. If we, for a moment, elevate ourselves above the horror of terrorism, we may notice the irony in his: the jihadists who claim to fight for a pure Islamic state kill Muslim children in a Muslim country; Breivik, who apparently wanted to fight for a purely Norwegian Norway killed Norwegian children.

I should not have to point this out, but I will anyway: every life is sacrosanct. From the fetus in your wife’s womb to the old woman in a nursing home whose life is endangered by a government-run, cash-starved health care system. It does not matter if jihadists kill Muslims or Christians or whoever. They are savages all the same. This goes for Breivik as well: it does not matter who he assassinated: he is a lowlife terrorist whose future in eternal torment is the only appropriate punishment for his crimes.

Established Swedish media outlets have already begun exploiting the terror attacks in Oslo, and it is almost self-evident that Prime Minister Reinfeldt, one way or another, will associate the Swedish Democrats with this attack. Such is the political climate in Sweden. That is something Swedes will have to live with until they elect another parliamentary majority in 2014. What they will hopefully not have to live with is an escalation of politically driven crimes against Swedish Democrat politicians. In the shadows of the horrible events in Oslo, let us not forget the low-level, but relentless terrorism that leftist activists direct toward their political adversaries.

Let us not forget Swedish Democrat politicians who have been attacked in their homes, in public, when exercising their right to freedom of speech, etc. Let us not forget the bomb that the police found at a Swedish-Democrat rally in Sodertalje during the election campaign last year.

Again: terrorism is terrorism. When someone shows indifference toward other people’s lives in advancing his or her political agenda, he is a terrorist. Major Hasan, a psychologist in the U.S. Army, who killed 13 people on an army base in Texas in 2009, did so in the name of Islam. Anders Breivik killed people in the name of some anti-Islamic agenda. They are both terrorists and deserve to be treated accordingly.

You would hope that this common-sense logic is apparent and can be embraced by everyone. But we have yet to see the left step up to the plate. The Oslo attacks will provide a litmus test for them: are the leftist activists, who conduct a low-level political war against critics of Sweden’s immigration policy, willing to recognize that terrorists are always terrorists? Are they willing to agree that life is sacrosanct and no one should be sacrificed in the name of an ideology (or a religion)?

Sven R Larson, Ph.D.

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Sweden has for the past few years been plagued by begging and street musician Roma. Last summer, some fifty of them were expelled because of this way of supporting themselves in spite of the fact that they were EU citizens. The actual reasons for the deportation were “idling and mendicancy” according to the Swedish Aliens’ Act.

Some of these beggars are not satisfied with just begging. The gangs are organized and also go in for grand larceny and criminality like robbery of elderly people, fraud and theft.

Last year Migration Minister Tobias Billström made clear that these group of Roma staying in Sweden have to earn their living in a fair way. He said that Sweden cannot solve the problems of Bulgaria, Romania or any other eastern European state’s problems with their Roma populations by their moving from those countries to other countries, according to the daily the Dagens Nyheter. Begging is not a an honest way of supporting oneself, he said.

The reactions to come were the expected ones from the media and other “dogooder” authorities. Sweden’s Parliamentary Ombudsman (JO), Hans Gunnar Axberger, addressed severe criticism to the decision. He has examined the law and now, a year later, issued a statement according to which it was “wrong by the police to base their decision on a law that is 57 years old” and that “the preliminary law drafts, that are 60 years old, contain such old wordings that appear old-fashioned”.

The conclusion is thus that laws can be regarded as old (i.e. have been passed before cultural marxism replaced common sense and thus don’t fit in with the politically correct way of reasoning) and can easily be rejected at JO’s own discretion.

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Swedish media has recently had big headlines about the uncontrolled criminality in the city of Sodertalje (86 200 inhabitants), 45 kilometers south-west of Stockholm. This town has received over 22 000 Assyrians and Syrians during the last 50 years. And after the war in Iraq, the town has received more Iraqis than the whole American continent jointly. The immigrants are 44% of Sodertalje’s inhabitants.

Last week media paid attention to the high level of threat that the municipality’s civil servants are exposed to when performing their work.

A year ago, two footballer brothers, were shot to death in an illegal gambling club in Sodertalje’s immigrant suburb Ronna owned by Metin Atasvens (see more below) family business Ginatas. Another fatal shooting took place there earlier.

Now the police have listed 20 premises,  that are used for party and immigration association activities, where the civil servants must not enter without being escorted by the police or wearing bulletproof vests before performing their statutory controls. Four of these premises are partly owned by the Syrian immigrated politician Metin Ataseven (see above) who is also a Member of Parliament.

In 2005 a bomb was put in a car belonging to a local civil servant handling restaurant permits. It was after that, that the civil servants inspecting immigrants’ association and their assembly rooms had to start wearing the bulletproof vests. The same applies for the civil servants working with environmental permits.

Sodertalje’s real-estate group CEO Kjell Hasslert recently urged the football clubs Assyriska FF, Syrianska FC and the Syrian Association to stop serving illegal alcohol at their parties. The day after Hasslert and his wife got several serious and anonymous text message death threats. Hasslert was placed under police supervision.

In Sweden, which once was the most confidence-influenced country in the world, politicians have taken for granted that immigrants also are embraced by these principles. Unaware of the fact that so is not the case, and thus without control of today’s situation, the result is a situation that seems unreal for ordinary people.

Unfortunately it is not unreal for the civil servants in Sodertalje. The easy-going attitude from the beginning as regards these issues, has led to the fact that certain more or less criminal immigrants can own and rule Sweden as they wish.

Sodertalje, Malmo and some smaller villages have already fallen. Now it is time for Gothenburg, Sweden’s second biggest city. Those who want to experience Dante’s Divine Comedy are encouraged to visit these places.

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