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One summer in the 1980s I traveled through Britain after one of the most devastating waves of riots of that time. From Brixton in London to Toxteth in Liverpool; from Moss Side in Manchester to the streets of Leeds, Birmingham and Sheffield; rioters took over the streets, set fire to their neighbors’ cars, looted their neighbors’ shops, vandalized their neighborhood health clinics, pharmacies, community centers…

I was amazed by how Britain handled the riots back then. Margret Thatcher, notoriously referred to as the Iron Lady, told the police to take off the gloves and fight back. She also brought in crowd control tactics and equipment from Northern Ireland and loosened restrictions on what police could do in order to keep the streets safe and calm. The result: the riots subsided, riot leaders were arrested and prosecuted – and Britain returned to a normal life.

The current riots in Britain bear many resemblances to the riots of the ‘80s. But there is one disturbing difference: there is increasing evidence that today’s riots are driven by more vicious political ideologies than the “Anarchy in the U.K” of the Thatcher era. A report in the British newspaper Daily Mail, and other stories quoted by the Swedish website Politiskt Inkorrekt [Politically Incorrect], indicates that racism has become an active force in this destructive social unrest.

Blacks are reported targeting whites for beatings and robberies. There are also bits and pieces of news that blacks are attacking businesses owned by other ethnic groups. In a Kurdish-dominated neighborhood shop owners and their families form human chains to protect their businesses from the anti-social crowds.

It remains to be seen how widespread this racial violence is. But the very fact that mainstream British media is reporting about it shows that the problem is widespread; the normal practice of politically correct news outlets is that they ignore destructive practices by ethnic and racial minorities until those practices are basically on their doorsteps. In other words: we have good reasons to believe that Britain is currently experiencing the largest wave of racial riots in recent memory. And contrary to what the elites in politics, media and academia would have predicted, the racial hatred is not driven by whites.

The possibility of a significant racial motivator behind the British riots is all the more disturbing in view of the riots that have plagued French, Belgian, Danish and Swedish cities in recent years. Ethnic non-Europeans target institutions and people who represent the European society that once welcomed them as immigrants.

To the extent that the social elite – politicians, media executives and academic talking heads – acknowledge the presence of racism in some of the riots, they try to explain it away as the result of white oppression of non-white immigrants. Their only evidence is typically the fact that unemployment is higher among non-European immigrants than among ethnic Europeans.

It is of course ludicrous to explain racially driven riots with unemployment. If unemployment caused riots, then ethnic Swedes should be rioting day and night. Sweden has the highest youth unemployment rate in the industrialized world, and its actual total unemployment is also among the highest. But ethnic Swedes are not rioting – the ones rioting in Sweden are the ethnic minorities in run-down, government-owned housing projects around the big cities.

But even though race and ethnicity are driving forces behind many riots, they do not capture the underlying motivator. As the aforementioned Daily Mail report makes clear, some non-European immigrants take to the streets to defend their property in the midst of violent social chaos. Similar scenes could be seen in the riots in Los Angeles in 1992: Korean immigrants defended their properties – their small businesses – with guns and baseball bats as black rioters sought them out as targets. (Racial tensions between blacks and Asians here in America are unfortunately still brewing.) News reports from Sweden have captured immigrants of Mid-East origin chasing away rioters from some housing projects in the city of Malmo.

The underlying motivator of Europe’s riots is a clash between two cultures: the culture of self reliance and the culture of smart survival. Many immigrants to Europe over the past couple of decades come from countries that are among the poorest on Earth. Especially the inflow of Somalis has put this culture clash on the spot: as one Swedish politician put it, many of the Somali immigrants come from such a deplorably poor background that they do not even know how to use a toilet. This may or may not be factually correct; the point he was trying to make is that there is a Gargantuan gap between the values, experiences and expectations of immigrants from very, very poor corners of the world, and the values, experiences and expectations of the European culture.

People from very poor countries, without a functioning market economy and without a functioning political structure, grow accustomed to “smart survival”. The goal of the day becomes to not have to work for your survival, to find ways to feed your family without having to put in hard work. This does not mean that immigrants from Somalia or any other extremely poor country shun hard work – but what it means is that so long as you associate hard labor with mere survival, you will do everything you can to avoid it.

A European, by contrast, has been raised to believe that hard work can reward you with a better lifestyle, with a higher standard of living and with the opportunity to give your children an even better start in life than you got. The heavy weight of government on the private sector has slowly eroded Europe’s opportunity society, but the old cultural notion of self reliance is still prevalent.

The welfare state becomes the flash point where these two cultures meet – and clash. Europeans are brought up to understand that the welfare state can only survive if people work and pay taxes into it. Immigrants form a smart-survival culture, on the other hand, see only the output side of the equation: their view of the welfare state is that it provides them with work-free survival (and more). In theory, no one is going to force them to work and contribute to the welfare systems they live off.

Over the past couple of decades, Europe’s welfare state has declined. This is the inevitable result of putting such a heavy burden on taxpayers and the productive sector of the economy. Austerity has become the governing norm of the welfare state, with cuts in entitlements and harsher enrollment requirements for benefits programs. At the same time, taxes remain high or have grown even higher, depriving the self-reliance believers of opportunities to advance their own lives and provide for their families.

Inevitably, a tension builds. Based on the scenes from Europe’s streets over the past few years, and on what is happening right now in Britain, it seems as though non-European immigrants, whose entitlement lifestyle has been shaped by the welfare state, have struck first. My hypothesis: they are lashing out against a society that has promised to feed them for free, but which has slowly begun asking them to become contributors to, not just takers from, the welfare state.

I welcome anyone who can prove me wrong. If I am right, though, there is only one sustainable solution to the European riots: to dismantle the welfare state and thus put an end to entitlement-driven immigration.

Migration based on self-determination and self-reliance is an indispensable part of a free world. It preserves the legacy of our civilization, contributes to the evolution of our society and helps build prosperity for all of us.

By contrast, the combination of a welfare state and migration based on the pursuit of entitlements is a force destructive enough to kill Western Civilization.

Europe is at a crossroads. The choice is as alarmingly clear as the riots in London: liberty and prosperity for all, or equality and poverty for all.

Take your pick.

by S R Larson, Ph D

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In the wake of the despicable terror attacks in Oslo, the predictable hate speeches against those who criticize Sweden’s immigration policy have already begun. I am not going to waste time on quoting them; let us just note that the hate mongers who are trying to capitalize on the Oslo massacre typically were very quick to say that the suicide bomber in Stockholm was a “mad loner” who did not represent Islam. When an equally “mad loner” strikes, who happens to be critical of immigration, then all of a sudden everyone who may have uttered a critical word of Sweden’s immigration policy is guilty by association.

The leftist hate mongers are also conspicuously silent on the arrests in Denmark of Islamists – Swedish residents, by the way – who planned a terror attack on a Danish newspaper.

Terrorism is terrorism, just as totalitarianism is totalitarianism. It does not matter who the Oslo madman was before he set off on a killing spree – as soon as he triggered that bomb he crossed the same line as the Islamists did on 9/11, or in Madrid 2004, or in London 2005. He turned people around him into instruments for an ideology. Just like the Islamists preach hatred by killing infidels, Anders Breivik preached hatred by killing people who were just as innocent as the victims in the World Trade Center in New York or on the commuter trains in Madrid.

And just like the jihadists in Iraq have used Islam as an excuse to kill innocent Iraqi children, Breivik used his nationalism as an excuse to wipe out the young lives of his fellow countrymen. If we, for a moment, elevate ourselves above the horror of terrorism, we may notice the irony in his: the jihadists who claim to fight for a pure Islamic state kill Muslim children in a Muslim country; Breivik, who apparently wanted to fight for a purely Norwegian Norway killed Norwegian children.

I should not have to point this out, but I will anyway: every life is sacrosanct. From the fetus in your wife’s womb to the old woman in a nursing home whose life is endangered by a government-run, cash-starved health care system. It does not matter if jihadists kill Muslims or Christians or whoever. They are savages all the same. This goes for Breivik as well: it does not matter who he assassinated: he is a lowlife terrorist whose future in eternal torment is the only appropriate punishment for his crimes.

Established Swedish media outlets have already begun exploiting the terror attacks in Oslo, and it is almost self-evident that Prime Minister Reinfeldt, one way or another, will associate the Swedish Democrats with this attack. Such is the political climate in Sweden. That is something Swedes will have to live with until they elect another parliamentary majority in 2014. What they will hopefully not have to live with is an escalation of politically driven crimes against Swedish Democrat politicians. In the shadows of the horrible events in Oslo, let us not forget the low-level, but relentless terrorism that leftist activists direct toward their political adversaries.

Let us not forget Swedish Democrat politicians who have been attacked in their homes, in public, when exercising their right to freedom of speech, etc. Let us not forget the bomb that the police found at a Swedish-Democrat rally in Sodertalje during the election campaign last year.

Again: terrorism is terrorism. When someone shows indifference toward other people’s lives in advancing his or her political agenda, he is a terrorist. Major Hasan, a psychologist in the U.S. Army, who killed 13 people on an army base in Texas in 2009, did so in the name of Islam. Anders Breivik killed people in the name of some anti-Islamic agenda. They are both terrorists and deserve to be treated accordingly.

You would hope that this common-sense logic is apparent and can be embraced by everyone. But we have yet to see the left step up to the plate. The Oslo attacks will provide a litmus test for them: are the leftist activists, who conduct a low-level political war against critics of Sweden’s immigration policy, willing to recognize that terrorists are always terrorists? Are they willing to agree that life is sacrosanct and no one should be sacrificed in the name of an ideology (or a religion)?

Sven R Larson, Ph.D.

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Sweden has for the past few years been plagued by begging and street musician Roma. Last summer, some fifty of them were expelled because of this way of supporting themselves in spite of the fact that they were EU citizens. The actual reasons for the deportation were “idling and mendicancy” according to the Swedish Aliens’ Act.

Some of these beggars are not satisfied with just begging. The gangs are organized and also go in for grand larceny and criminality like robbery of elderly people, fraud and theft.

Last year Migration Minister Tobias Billström made clear that these group of Roma staying in Sweden have to earn their living in a fair way. He said that Sweden cannot solve the problems of Bulgaria, Romania or any other eastern European state’s problems with their Roma populations by their moving from those countries to other countries, according to the daily the Dagens Nyheter. Begging is not a an honest way of supporting oneself, he said.

The reactions to come were the expected ones from the media and other “dogooder” authorities. Sweden’s Parliamentary Ombudsman (JO), Hans Gunnar Axberger, addressed severe criticism to the decision. He has examined the law and now, a year later, issued a statement according to which it was “wrong by the police to base their decision on a law that is 57 years old” and that “the preliminary law drafts, that are 60 years old, contain such old wordings that appear old-fashioned”.

The conclusion is thus that laws can be regarded as old (i.e. have been passed before cultural marxism replaced common sense and thus don’t fit in with the politically correct way of reasoning) and can easily be rejected at JO’s own discretion.

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Swedish media has recently had big headlines about the uncontrolled criminality in the city of Sodertalje (86 200 inhabitants), 45 kilometers south-west of Stockholm. This town has received over 22 000 Assyrians and Syrians during the last 50 years. And after the war in Iraq, the town has received more Iraqis than the whole American continent jointly. The immigrants are 44% of Sodertalje’s inhabitants.

Last week media paid attention to the high level of threat that the municipality’s civil servants are exposed to when performing their work.

A year ago, two footballer brothers, were shot to death in an illegal gambling club in Sodertalje’s immigrant suburb Ronna owned by Metin Atasvens (see more below) family business Ginatas. Another fatal shooting took place there earlier.

Now the police have listed 20 premises,  that are used for party and immigration association activities, where the civil servants must not enter without being escorted by the police or wearing bulletproof vests before performing their statutory controls. Four of these premises are partly owned by the Syrian immigrated politician Metin Ataseven (see above) who is also a Member of Parliament.

In 2005 a bomb was put in a car belonging to a local civil servant handling restaurant permits. It was after that, that the civil servants inspecting immigrants’ association and their assembly rooms had to start wearing the bulletproof vests. The same applies for the civil servants working with environmental permits.

Sodertalje’s real-estate group CEO Kjell Hasslert recently urged the football clubs Assyriska FF, Syrianska FC and the Syrian Association to stop serving illegal alcohol at their parties. The day after Hasslert and his wife got several serious and anonymous text message death threats. Hasslert was placed under police supervision.

In Sweden, which once was the most confidence-influenced country in the world, politicians have taken for granted that immigrants also are embraced by these principles. Unaware of the fact that so is not the case, and thus without control of today’s situation, the result is a situation that seems unreal for ordinary people.

Unfortunately it is not unreal for the civil servants in Sodertalje. The easy-going attitude from the beginning as regards these issues, has led to the fact that certain more or less criminal immigrants can own and rule Sweden as they wish.

Sodertalje, Malmo and some smaller villages have already fallen. Now it is time for Gothenburg, Sweden’s second biggest city. Those who want to experience Dante’s Divine Comedy are encouraged to visit these places.

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Author: S R Larson (presentation)

Since the Swedish Democrats took seats in the Riksdag (Sweden’s parliament) in September last year, the party has been under constant attack from the political mainstream and the self-appointed elite mainstream media. The attacks are driven by a desire to isolate and, eventually, destroy the Swedish Democrats.

The attacks are spearheaded by Prime Minister Reinfeldt, who – as this blog has reported – does not think sympathizers and active members of the Swedish Democrats deserve the same protection from the state as other Swedes do. This explicit sanctioning of politically driven harassment and violence is of course unbecoming of a country that considers itself part of the free world. It calls into question whether Sweden can actually be considered a functioning parliamentary democracy; so far, the Swedish Democrats have prevailed and managed to exercise influence over the legislative process in the Riksdag.

But what happens if the political harassment and violence actually succeeds? What happens if the prime minister has it his way and the Swedish Democrats implode under the pressure?

It is not hard to see what Reinfeldt himself thinks will happen. He would enjoy a return to the political status quo that preceded last year’s election. Issues pertaining to the country’s reckless immigration policies would once again be swept under the carpet. The mainstream media outlets could once again resort to cover-ups of Sweden’s rampant crime rates, the genocide-scale sexual violence against ethnically Swedish women and the enormous costs that the welfare-driven immigration imposes on taxpayers.

In the circles of Sweden’s political elite things would be back to normal. They would once again be able to go to upscale dinner parties in Stockholm’s posh inner city districts and pretend that the world outside the limousine windows does not exist. Truth-sayers need not apply.

The real consequences of a demise of the Swedish Democrats would be fundamentally different. The hundreds of thousands who actively or tacitly support the SD would not change their minds about immigration. Those supporters now represent 6-8 percent of all voters, possibly with another 2-3 percent who could vote for SD but so far have not “come out”. These people would still want to see a change in immigration policy, and their determination to achieve such a change would only be emboldened if they perceived that the political and media elite had crushed SD.

Where would they turn? There are at least two political movements that would stand in line to scoop up disgruntled SD supporters: the National Democrats and the Swedish Resistance Movement.

The National Democrats have won seats in some local parliaments but have never become a force to be reckoned with on the national scene. Ostensibly, this is due to the success of SD, as the two parties share some important elements in their criticism of Sweden’s immigration policies. But there are also important differences between ND and SD that help explain why the latter, not the former, now has seats in the Riksdag. Unlike SD, ND has never made any categorical statements against the use of force to achieve political goals.

The very fact that ND has left the door open to violent campaigns makes the party dangerous. There has been some criticism among the ranks of ND that SD has sold itself to the parliamentary process. Should SD fail in its intentions to close the flood gates in Sweden’s immigration policy, the ND would be quick to seize the momentum that SD has created. They would market themselves as superficially peaceful and ramp up their violent efforts at forcing their policies upon the Swedish people.

A major difference between SD and ND is that ND is a nationalist party, as opposed to the patriotic SD. Patriotism is love for your country without resentment or hostility toward other countries and cultures; nationalism is love for your country based on such resentment and hostility. This difference is crucial and helps explain what the National Democrats would be capable of, should they gain political momentum.

The Swedish Resistance Movement shares ND’s basic principles of nationalism, but builds its policies explicitly on a Nazi platform. They distance themselves from parliamentarianism and embrace the totalitarian ideology of the Third Reich. Their attitude to political violence tends to be one of outcome, not of principle.

SD is a peaceful, democratic movement. Should they be marginalized and made irrelevant by ugly strong-arming tactics, and be forced out as a result of relentless harassment and violence, there is no doubt that ND and the Swedish Resistance Movement would be the real winners. Should Sweden be brought to that point, a new level of political violence could erupt. That eruption could be strong enough to hurl the country into a stage that proxies a civil war.

No, I am not exaggerating. Already today, Sweden is plagued by a high level of politically driven violence, more so than any other European country. A lot of the violence goes undetected – or unreported – by the mainstream media but is picked up by alternative news outlets. An escalation of this violence, driven by a surge in support for violent anti-immigration movements, would make its way into mainstream media as well. The political elite would be faced with a terrible reality: their country is about to fall apart.

I pray to God that Sweden will never be hurled into the dungeons of such a political, social and economic disaster. I fear, though, that we can no longer rule out this scenario as a possible future for Sweden four, maybe five years ahead.

If there is any reason and intellectual decency left in the circles of Sweden’s political elite, they will see the writing on the wall and start working with SD as a serious political player. If on the other hand they turn a blind eye to the political and social realities in their country, they will be responsible for the ultimate destruction of what was once a thriving, peaceful and prosperous democracy.

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Author: S R Larson (presentation)

Before Sverigedemokraterna (the Swedish Democrats) won seats in the Swedish national parliament in September last year there was not a critical word uttered in the Riksdag about Sweden’s immigration policy. Today the situation is different: SD politicians take every opportunity to challenge the reckless open-borders policies imposed by the political elite. The first reaction from that elite was to expand an already excessively generous immigration policy to invite even more immigrants from far-away corners of the world. Though this might have been expected (I personally did not think they would have the audacity) it is nevertheless refreshing to see that the SD challenge is not going unnoticed by the elite.

The fact of the matter is that the SD challenge has come at the very last moment: the open borders policy has overwhelmed Sweden with immigration of a size and character that begs the question if the prime minister actually knows what he is doing. The official motive for allowing massive immigration is that Sweden is in desperate need of workforce immigration. Presumably, the retirement of the baby boomers born in the 1940s leaves so many open spots on the labor market that native Swedes cannot possibly fill them. Therefore, the story goes, Sweden needs to invite as many marginally educated Somalis and Afghans as possible.

The flaws in this argument are so many that it is surprising it is still being used. To begin with, the 1940s generation has been retiring for about eight years already. The average retirement age in Sweden has been hovering around 62-63 for a long time, which means that of almost one million 40s boomers, some 700,000 have already retired. Any student of the Swedish economy knows that this has not caused any massive shortage of labor at all. On the contrary, over the past ten years the employment rate of the Swedish work force has actually dropped from 67 percent to 64 percent. A larger share of the work force is without a job today than during the Millennium recession, despite the baby boomer generation’s retirement.

It is easy to see why this drop in employment has taken place. In an economy that creates 60,000 new jobs per year in good economic times, the employment rate cannot rise if there is also a large net immigration taking place. Over the past ten years immigration has increased from 60,000 per year to 100,000. During the same time, according to Statistics Sweden migration data, emigration has risen from 33,000 to 48,000 resulting in a significant growth in net migration: ten years ago immigration exceeded emigration by 27,000 people. Today net immigration exceeds 52,000 per year, with a record high of 63,000 in 2009.

These numbers should be considered in view of Sweden’s population of only nine million. To make matters worse, there is a persistent education gap between people leaving and coming to Sweden. Very few immigrants have a high school degree, while the average emigrant has at least a BA university degree.

It is obvious that the arithmetic of Sweden’s immigration policy is working against the best interests of the Swedish people and the Swedish economy. Exporting educated workers and importing uneducated people is bad enough; importing two uneducated workers for everyone who leaves is directly irresponsible. Who is going to pay for the education of these immigrants? If Sweden really had an insatiable need for workforce immigration, then how come the 30 countries within the EU and the Nordic region cannot satisfy that need? Why would Sweden have to rely on the remotest – geographically, culturally and socially – corners of the world to fill its workforce need, provided such a need existed? (Which, again, it does not.)

A couple of factoids from Eurostat, the statistics agency of the EU, further underscore how out-of-control irresponsible this immigration policy actually is. Sweden is Europe’s second-largest recipient of immigrants – in absolute numbers – from the least-developed nations in the world. Only Britain takes in more least-developed immigrants, and its rationale lies in its commonwealth past. Furthermore, in 2007 this small nation, with less than three percent of the EU population, took in 16 percent of all asylum seekers absorbed by the EU. No other EU country accepted a larger share than Sweden.

The asylum-driven inflow is steadfastly growing. Apparently, Sweden has made a name for itself as having open borders: from 2007 to 2010 the number of asylum seekers coming to Sweden increased by 50 percent, with a 32-percent increase from 2009 to 2010 alone.

There is no way to motivate Sweden’s immigration madness, no matter how you slice immigration and labor market statistics. The country has opened its borders, lowered the bar for immigrants with questionable documentation and made its welfare state available even to those who are denied immigration or asylum. The challenge from the Swedish Democrats came in the nick of time. The question is: will it make a difference in the nick of time?

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Sweden’s National Day is over. The 6 June was changed from The Swedish Flag’s Day into the National Day in 1985. From 2005 the day is also a public holiday. But since nationalism is such a taboo in Sweden, this very day has been transformed into a riotous display of multiculture. The non-public TV-channel TV4 launches its yearly “Zero-racism week”. Stockholm City Museum celebrates the day with an intensive exhibition of Somali culture: a Swedish-Somali celebration. An excerpt of the program of the day:

In the northern town Sandviken, the celebration of the National Day is still in the sign of multiculturalism. Last year people could listen to and watch Arab and Kurdish music. This year people also can enjoy Finnish, Norwegian and African songs. A Facebook group protesting against these shameless things got 600 members before it vanished.

The largest Swedish Tabloid Aftonbladet published this photomontage and declared, ”Today we celebrate multiplicity – not stupidity”.

Stockholm’s National old homestead museum “Skansen” advertises its Midsummer celebration with the following image:

A few days after the National Day, we have another recurrent tradition very much questioned today: the breaking-up from the school term. Earlier, before the politicians decided that Sweden was to be a multicultural society, most schools went to church as a formal and ceremonial way of finalizing the pupils’ year.

Even though there is no longer a State church since 2000, the tradition at the end of the school term has lived on. Cowardly headmasters and school administrators now put and end to this tradition, where some of them uphold that our immigrated minorities can feel offended by Swedish traditions.

In Uppsala, a vice-headmaster even prohibited the pupils from singing the National Anthem. She said it could be “offensive”.

This was just a sample of how authorities, organizations and media altogether hijack Sweden bit after bit, in order to brainwash people that there has never been any particular Swedish culture. “This is Swedish. A mixture”, according to our Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt in 2009. The oikophobia in all its glory.

And if it is so important to celebrate all different cultures’ singularities in order not to offend immigrants, why not introduce a separate Multicultural Day?

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Author: S R Larson (presentation)

When I was politically active back in the ’80s I learned that if Swedish politicians are given two alternative courses of action to choose between, they will, as if driven by a force of nature, always choose the dumbest alternative. This learning experience has helped me understand Sweden’s slow but steady decline over the past 20 years, but it has also been a source of frustration. This habit of always making things worse for the people of my native country has recently been inherited by a new generation of politicians. My old friends and political combatants are now part of the political elite – and making the exact same mistakes as their predecessors.

The previous generation of politicians, who were mostly born in the ’30s and 40s, made every mistake possible in the economic arena. They raised taxes to world-record levels, then, as the economy started suffocating from those taxes, designed a tax reform which only led to a further growth in the tax burden. When the welfare state began crumbling in the ’80s they started cutting spending but kept taxes at world-record levels. This resulted in a constant drainage of resources from the free sector of the economy, resulting in a permanent decline in employment and standard of living. Instead of reversing course and re-opening income insurance, health care and education to private funding they pressed ahead and did everything they could to preserve the unsustainable welfare state.

Once they had devalued Sweden from a prosperous world leader to a nation plagued by industrial poverty, they decided to take their country yet another step down the slope of Dante’s journey. Instead of a responsible immigration policy that would allow productive migration across the nation’s borders, the political elite opted for a maximized inflow of migrants. And it was not about getting immigrants with skills, education and ready-to-go professional skills. No, the typical immigrant to Sweden over the past ten years has been someone with very little education, rudimentary professional skills and an extremely long way to go before he can begin to function as a productive member of society.
In the meantime, Sweden has suffered a brain drain. The education gap between the country’s inbound and outbound migrants is startling: the average person leaving Sweden has at least a bachelor’s degree. And the exodus has not been insignificant: in Norway alone some 50,000 young Swedes are building themselves a future. It is unlikely that they will ever return home again.

But the mistakes that Sweden’s political elite have turned into their very own religion has not stopped at replacing an entire generation of educated and culturally skilled Swedes with immigrants from the rural corners of Africa’s Horn. The most recent contribution is likely to turn the country into an economic swamp of poverty and social disintegration. Mr. Goran Hagglund, minister of social affairs and responsible for Sweden’s socialized health care system, announced yesterday that the government will remove the last restrictions on who the tax-paid hospitals can offer health care. The purported purpose is to allow illegal immigrants to access health care on the same terms as lawful, tax-paying residents.

It is easy to see what this is going to lead to. Sweden already has one of the most heavily rationed health care systems in the industrialized world. Waiting lists for elective surgery are extremely long, the number of beds per 1,000 residents is even lower than in Albania, and the death rate from curable conditions due to health care rationing are appalling. Even a marginal increase in demand for health care as a result of this free-for-all opening of the health care system, will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

Since 1995 Sweden’s government-run health care system has cut away about one fifth of its medical staff. During the same period of time the actual tax burden on working Swedes has increased almost 50 percent: those who pay taxes are a notably smaller share of the population than they were before the recession in the early ’90s. With this lopsided change in who pays taxes into the health care system and the size of the “production facilities” – hospitals – about the worst thing you can do is to open the doors and let anyone from anywhere walk in to a Swedish hospital and demand health care. Which is precisely what the government has now done.

Mr. Hagglund tries to defend the indefensible by claiming that there is no research from anywhere in the world that shows that a free-for-all health care system will result in “medical tourism”. But this is a classic moot point: no one has ever done what Sweden just did. Even the ridiculous measures in Arizona and California that allowed Mexicans to walk across the border to get Medicaid-paid health care came with some restrictions. (After Medicaid in Arizona was driven to the brink of bankruptcy the state actually reversed course, something Mr. Hagglund seems to be blissfully ignorant of.)

Since it is unlikely that Sweden’s political elite will learn from their own mistakes – or others’ – we can safely expect them to make the next mistake soon. The question is: what will it be? For each new mad move to tear the country apart they leave fewer and fewer options ahead of them. One possibility is that they open the country’s income security system to illegal immigrants, i.e., everyone and anyone in the world. Another is that they give illegals the right to vote in elections.

Absurd? Sure, but keep in mind: we are not talking about a normal country. We are talking about Absurdistan.

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Today Cavatus’s blog proudly presents the guest blogger S R Larson, known as author (some books are: America Occupied, Remaking AmericaArla Gryning) and research fellow with the Wyoming Liberty Group (read more here). He runs the blogs larson4liberty, Hayekinstitutet and Frihetslarson, where the two latter are in Swedish and the last lies fallow at the moment.

On September 11, 2003 Ms. Anna Lindh, the foreign minister of Sweden, was fatally wounded by an attacker while shopping at a department store in downtown Stockholm. Her death sent shock waves through Sweden and expressions of sympathy came from everywhere.

While her assassin was later arrested and convicted, the motive behind it was never entirely clarified. It was fairly clear, though, that political factors were behind the killing. Ms. Lindh had been actively involved in the political process to stabilize the Balkan in the aftermath of the end of the Balkan War. Some political factions with one foot in Sweden and one in former Yugoslavia were allegedly unhappy with her efforts.

International media coverage of the Lindh murder never quite reached the level that followed the assassination of Sweden’s Prime Minister Olof Palme in 1986. But it was nevertheless a rare exception to the coverage – or, more appropriately, lack of coverage – of political violence in Sweden.

Unfortunately, the international perception of Sweden as being largely saved from political violence is dead wrong. A slew of incidents through last year’s election campaign were only the tip of the iceberg: for a number of years radical totalitarian groups, Socialists/Communists and Nazis, have fought each other with increasing determination and violence. This violence has also spilled over into the realm of established parliamentary politics. Since at least 2006 representatives for the Sverigedemokraterna, or Swedish Democrats, have been victims of intimidation and assaults on both their persons and their property.

Since 2006 the Swedish Democrats have had elected officials at the city and county levels. In 2010 they won seats in the Riksdag, the national parliament. It would be fair to expect the attacks against them to die out as they become part of the established political scene. However, this has not happened.

Quite the contrary. A telling example: on May 12, Mr. William Petzall, member of the Riksdag for the Swedish Democrats, was within an inch of being seriously hurt during an event at a high school in Gothenburg. Mr. Petzall has just left the building after having participated in an information session for students when he was attacked in his car. He was sitting in the front seat when someone threw a large piece of rock through the side window. The piece was large enough to cause serious trauma if it had hit Mr. Petzall, who escaped physically unharmed.

Only days later, Mr. Petzall was in the Riksdag directing a question to Mrs. Beatrice ask, Sweden’s Attorney General and member of the Prime Minister’s cabinet, about what she planned to do in order to curb politically motivated violence. At the very moment she was presenting her response to his question, a group of anarcho-leftists attacked five members of the Swedish Democrat youth league. The Swedish Democrats were handing out fliers on a downtown street – a common practice for Swedish politicians and political parties – when the anarcho-leftists encircled them and attacked.

In addition to disrupting the Swedish Democrats in their legitimate exercise of free speech, the anarcho-leftists went so badly at one of their victims that he ended up in hospital.

These examples barely scratch the surface of political violence in Sweden. While no member of the Swedish Democrat party has thus far had to pay with his life for his political choices, the escalation of assaults on members of the party begs the question how long it will be before that happens.

When Ms. Anna Lindh was assassinated there was a rightful outcry of sympathy from the entire political establishment in Sweden. On the rare occasions when less serious attacks by the anarcho-left have been directed at members of other political parties than the Swedish Democrats, there has been an equal outcry of frustration and calls for “political civility”.

When, on the other hand, politically charged violence hits the Swedish Democrats, the political elite is silent. During the aforementioned session in the Riksdag, Ms. Beatrice Ask declared that the government was not planning to do anything in particular to curb that type of violence. Her view that violence against members of the Swedish Democrats is of no consequence echoes the views of Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt, who in September last year said that those who are active in the Swedish Democrats should not be surprised that they are the targets of attacks – because of their political viewpoints.

Not only is the Swedish Democrat party duly elected into the Riksdag, but their criticism of the country’s extremely generous immigration policies are in no way racist or authoritarian. On the contrary, they are close to the Danish People’s Party – well established both in Denmark and the EU Parliament – and more moderate than, e.g., the OVP in Austria, the British National Party and the Pim Fortuyn party in the Netherlands.

It is difficult to tell whether the Swedish political elite is naively ignorant about the seriousness of the political violence, or if they genuinely believe that some political viewpoints represented in the national parliament are legitimate targets of violence. Regardless, the effect is that the scope for free speech is steadily shrinking in Sweden, and the dark shadows of totalitarianism grow ever more ominous.

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During the week-end of the 1 of May, the Palestine former aircraft hijacker Leila Khaled, the pioneer of the Communist terrorist organization PFLP, got entry permit to Sweden. In 2004 she was denied entry to Sweden, though, after having been invited to a Palestine conference organized by a revolutionary communist youth group.

In 1969 she participated in an aircraft hijacking of TWA 840 from Rome to Athens. She participated in yet another hijacking in 1970 of an aircraft from Amsterdam to New York. Her companion was killed. She was caught at Heathrow. In October in the same year she was set free in a prisoner exchange.

Now she was invited in order to participate in a May-Day speech in Stockholm before the Syndicalists and a lecture at the state-subsidized art gallery C. Other invitors are the Workers’ Educational Association (ABF), the Left Party, the Communist Party (former KPMLr) and the Feminist Cultural Left-wing gropup MFK (Malmö Fria Kvinnouniversitet). According to the Swedish EU member of parliament Cecilia Wikström, the whole project, the air ticket and the hotel costs were paid by Stockholm town district and Stockholm county council and the state-owned art authority Iaspis, and thus by the Swedish tax payers.

That this is possible is due to the terrorist passion that is upheld in certain leading groups (that are collecting large State subsidies) in Sweden, one of which is the cultural page of the tabloid Aftonbladet (the newspaper owned by the Social democrats and the Swedish Trade Union Confederation, LO). There, Ulrika Stahre describes Khaled as “a living legend […] of the kind you cannot believe is still alive; perhaps even an icon – photos of her from the late sixties are classical”.

So why was this convicted PFLP-activist, still on the EU list of terrorists (click here for a list of PFLP attacks in Swedish), given an entry permit by the Swedish non-socialist government?


Listen to her speech here. A short summary:

“Working class (10 times) … bla bla bla occupation (6 times) …bla bla bla… imperialists … bla bla bla   ….workers (8 times) …bla bla

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